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    Reply  Sat Oct 23 03:36:05 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed filters for C1SUS, C1RMS, C1MCS 
(Joe, Yuta)

Entry  Sat Oct 23 14:42:01 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, damped MC suspensions dam.png
After replacing filters, MC suspensions damped  last night.
Further measurement next time.
    Reply  Tue Oct 26 12:45:20 2010, yuta, HowTo, CDS, making a new master file for medm screens 
(Joe, Yuta)

 In elog #3708, we showed how to edit all the similar medm screens easiliy.
Entry  Tue Oct 26 16:02:55 2010, yuta, HowTo, CDS, things to do after making a new Simulink model 

Things to do after making a new Simulink model.
Entry  Tue Oct 26 17:31:17 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed OPLEV stuff and MCL filters optlevMC2.png
(Joe, Yuta)

Entry  Thu Oct 28 03:39:58 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, got very stable MC locking C1IOO_MC_SERVO20101028.pngMCrocks!.png
(Rana, Suresh, Jenne, Kiwamu, Kevin, Yuta)

Entry  Thu Oct 28 04:28:50 2010, yuta, Update, Green Locking, checked frequency counter SR620 
(Kiwamu, Yuta)

    Reply  Thu Oct 28 20:08:26 2010, yuta, Update, Green Locking, revised RF amp cascading 
  Yesterday, I said I will use ZHL-32A for amplifying beat note signal, but as Koji pointed out, ZHL-32A is for medium high power.
  So I changed my mind to use ZFL-1000LN instead. ZFL-1000LN is a low noise RF amp whose maximum
    Reply  Thu Oct 28 21:20:11 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, Flaky fb, tried DAQ re-install, but no help 
  Unfortunately, fb is flakier than normal. We can't use dataviewer and diaggui now.
  I thought it might be because editting .ini files(list of DAQ channels) in /cvs/cds/rtcds/caltech/c1/chans/daq/ without using GUI
Entry  Thu Oct 28 23:17:15 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, [EMERGENCY] accidentally deleted daqd 
Rana showed me that if c1sus machine runs c1mcs stuff(and c1x02 stuff) only, we can use dataviewer without crashing fb.
Also, if we set correct NDS server and port(fb/8088), we can use diaggui on every machine.
Entry  Fri Oct 29 18:37:33 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, daqd and current CDS status 06-25-2009.NN_24ThreatLevel.GJH2L69BK.1.jpg
  Before Joe left(~ 1 hour ago), fb was working for a while. But after he left, daqd core dumped.
  This is maybe because we started c1sus and c1rms again for a delay measurement,  just before he left.
Entry  Sat Oct 30 05:27:53 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, CDS time delay measurement delaysetup.pngCDSdelay.png
  We want to know the time delay of CDS in the IOP scheme.
    Reply  Mon Nov 1 15:47:15 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, CDS time delay measurement downupsampling.pngCDSdelay2.png
  I measured CDS time delay last week, but because of my lack of understanding the system, it was incorrect.
  IOP has an anti-aliasing filter before downsampling from 64kHz(65536Hz) to 16kHz(16384Hz) and also has an anti-imaging filter before upsampling
Entry  Mon Nov 1 19:32:08 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, fb crashed? during c1ioo and c1mcs connection at ASC 
Frame builder died again!!

    Reply  Mon Nov 1 23:31:05 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, checked input hardware filter in single frequency 
  For input filter, we have analog whitening filter and also digital whitening filter. They have the same TF and when analog one is off, digital
one should be on and vice versa.
Entry  Wed Nov 3 02:23:11 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, checking whitening filter board MC3SEN.png
  Last night, I found that some of the input channels have wrong hardware filter switching(see elog
Entry  Wed Nov 3 02:37:39 2010, yuta, Summary, Green Locking, coarse locked green beat frequency Screenshot_LowFreqLock.png
(Kiwamu, Yuta)

We succeeded in coarse locking the green beat frequency, using
    Reply  Wed Nov 3 21:19:40 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, put LOCKIN to c1ioo model and checked Screenshot_C1IOO_LOCKIN.png
(Joe, Yuta)

Entry  Thu Nov 4 17:53:29 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, primitive python script for A2L measurement a2ltest.png
  I wrote a python script for A2L measurement.
 Currently it is really primitive, but I tested the basic functionality of the script.
    Reply  Fri Nov 5 14:06:19 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, tried to align MC by A2L measurement A2LmeasurementFigures.png
(Suresh, Kiwamu, Yuta)

Entry  Sat Nov 6 07:26:54 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, reduced common mode displacement of the beam through MC1 to MC3 A2LMCalign.png
(Koji, Suresh, Yuta)

    Reply  Tue Nov 9 05:40:12 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, MC aligning going on MCalignNov9.png
(Suresh, Yuta)

    Reply  Wed Nov 10 02:51:35 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, limitation of current MC aligning MCalignNov9.png
(Suresh, Yuta)

    Reply  Wed Nov 10 12:21:18 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, limitation of current MC aligning 
1. We didn't measure the aperture size last night. We have to check that.

2. We have to measure the length of FI. Or find a document on this FI.
Entry  Thu Nov 11 04:32:53 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, found poor contact of DAC cable, previous A2L results were wrong 
(Koji, Jenne, Yuta)

We found one of DAC cables had a poor contact.
Entry  Thu Nov 11 05:56:04 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, setting up temporary oplev for coil balancing of MCs MC2coils.png
(Suresh, Yuta)

    Reply  Fri Nov 12 06:10:24 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, MC aligned (without coil balancing) MCalignCALIB.png
  Last night, we found that one of DAC channels are poorly connected, so we fixed the connectors.
  Rana and Koji used their incredible eyeballs to roughly align MC.
Entry  Sat Nov 13 15:53:05 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, diagonalization of MC input matrix MCspectraNov09.pngMCspectraNov13.pngMC1spetra_wrongmatrix.png
  MC is aligned from the A2L measurement, but to do the beam centering more precisely, we need coils to be balanced.
  There are several ways to balance the coils, like using oplev or WFS QPD RF channels.
Entry  Tue Nov 16 03:33:22 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, aligned Faraday, beam reached SM just before PRM MCalignNov16.png
(Koji, Yuta)

We aligned the Faraday after MC and we are now ready to install PRM.
Entry  Wed Nov 17 02:53:41 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, placed new PRM to BS table 
(Kiwamu, Yuta)

Entry  Wed Nov 17 20:44:59 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, no QPD channels on c1sus machine today 
(Joe, Suresh, Yuta)

Currently, only 2 ADC cards work on c1sus machine.
Entry  Thu Nov 18 00:40:31 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, PRM reflected beam reached AP table 
(Kiwamu, Yuta)

Entry  Thu Nov 18 16:32:21 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, current damping status for all optics c1sus handles c1susdampings.png
   I set Q-values for each ringdown of PRM, BS, ITMX, ITMY, MC1, MC2, MC3 to ~5 using QAdjuster.py.
   Here are the results;
Entry  Fri Nov 19 17:12:22 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, ETMX damped, but with weird TO_COIL matrix ETMXdamping.png
  c1iscex machine is currently being setup and RT model c1scx is running.
  But ETMX(south) didn't seem to be damped, so I checked it.
Entry  Sat Nov 20 01:58:56 2010, yuta, HowTo, CDS, editting RT models and MEDM screens 
(Suresh, Yuta)

If you come up with a good idea and want to add new things to current RT model;
Entry  Sat Nov 20 02:25:30 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, 2 LOCKINs for suspension models LockinRoll.png
(Suresh, Koji, Yuta)

    Reply  Sat Nov 20 03:37:11 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, CDS time delay measurement - the ripple c1tst16Kdelay.png
(Koji, Joe, Yuta)

Entry  Mon May 21 21:27:39 2012, yuta, Update, CDS, MEDM suspension screens using macro 
 We need more organized MEDM screens. Let's use macro.
    Reply  Tue May 22 20:46:38 2012, yuta, Update, CDS, MEDM suspension screens using macro 
I fixed the problem Jamie pointed out in elog #6657 and #6659.

What I did:
Entry  Thu May 24 16:13:05 2012, yuta, Update, Computers, ASS scripts on new ubuntu machines 
[Den, Yuta]

    Reply  Tue May 29 21:05:30 2012, yuta, Update, IOO, PMC, MC alignment are shit 


             [Keiko, Jenne]
Entry  Wed May 30 01:35:15 2012, yuta, Update, Green Locking, aligned Y arm green beam 
[Jenne, Yuta]
We aligned the Y arm for IR (C1:LSC-TRY_OUT is now ~ 0.9), and aligned the green beam from the ETMY table. The Y arm green is now resonating in
TEM00 mode, but we need some monitors (green trans or green refl) to maximize the coupling.
Entry  Wed May 30 15:51:22 2012, yuta, Update, IOO, MC beam spot oscillation specMC3_onoff_localdamping.pdf
[Koji, Suresh, Jenne, Yuta]
  We noticed that the beam spots on MC mirrors are oscillating in ~ 1 Hz yesterday. It means MC mirrors are actually oscillating. This was
    Reply  Wed May 30 19:27:38 2012, yuta, Update, IOO, MC beam spot oscillation 
[Koji, Yuta]  
We found that C1:SUS-MC{1,2,3}_TO_COIL_3_4_GAIN was somehow changed to -1, and feedback signal
for SIDE was fedback to LLCOIL, which is apparently not correct.
Entry  Thu May 31 01:27:16 2012, yuta, Update, Green Locking, PSL and Y arm green beams aligned 
[Jenne, Yuta]
We aligned the PSL green optics so that the PSL green beam and Y arm green beam interfere. 2 beams are now hitting the Y arm beat PD. The DC level
from the beat PD is about 13 mV.
Entry  Thu May 31 01:36:17 2012, yuta, Update, Green Locking, GREEN_TRX/GREEN_TRY PDs 
I did the cabling for monitoring DC transmission of the green beam from the end table.
The two PDs are called GREEN TRX and GREEN TRY, and the channel names are C1:GCV-GREEN_TRX and C1:GCV-GREEN_TRY.
The two signal from the PDs go to the ADC_0 card of the c1ioo computer.
Entry  Thu May 31 02:27:24 2012, yuta, Update, IOO, script for reliefing MC WFS 
I wrote a simple script for reliefing MC WFS servo. The script is located at /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/MC/reliefMCWFS.
It simply uses ezcaservo to minimize the offset of the WFS feedback signal using MC alignment sliders.

    ezcaservo -r C1:SUS-MC${optic}_ASC${dof}_OUT16 -s 0 -g 0.0001 -t 10 C1:SUS-MC${optic}_${dof}_COMM

Entry  Thu May 31 04:03:17 2012, yuta, Update, IOO, script for MC beam spot measurement 
I wrote a wrapping script for measuring MC beam spot. We had to run several scripts for the measurement (see elog #6688),
but now, you only need to run /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/ASS/MC/mcassMCdecenter.
Entry  Thu May 31 16:19:07 2012, yuta, Update, Green Locking, temperature setting for PSL doubling crystal 
I fixed the temperature control of the oven for the PSL doubling crystal.
The PID settings were not good, and also, TC200 was beging DETUNED. So, I activated TUNE function and adjusted PID settings.
I'm not sure what the DETUNE function is for. The manual can be found here;
Entry  Sat Jun 2 03:19:37 2012, yuta, Update, Green Locking, Y green beat note found? - too small CIMG1437.JPG
  I tried to find Y arm green beat in order to do the mode scan.
  I found a beat peak(see attached picture), but the amplitude seems too small.
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