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Entry  Tue Oct 19 21:10:27 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, bad filter coefficients for every suspensions! 
    Reply  Wed Oct 20 01:22:18 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed filters for MCs, but no damping Screenshot.png
Entry  Wed Oct 20 21:43:25 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, checking whitening filters for MCs and messed up MC2ULSEN.pngMC2LRSEN.png
    Reply  Thu Oct 21 21:35:16 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed whitening filter switches LLLR.pngContec23BO.png
    Reply  Fri Oct 22 00:59:01 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, new MEDM screens, new filter banks(whitening and dewhitening related) HappySideMEDM.png
Entry  Fri Oct 22 19:53:27 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, conversion failure in digital filters 
    Reply  Fri Oct 22 23:29:48 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed output filter switching 
    Reply  Sat Oct 23 03:36:05 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed filters for C1SUS, C1RMS, C1MCS 
Entry  Sat Oct 23 14:42:01 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, damped MC suspensions dam.png
    Reply  Tue Oct 26 12:45:20 2010, yuta, HowTo, CDS, making a new master file for medm screens 
Entry  Tue Oct 26 16:02:55 2010, yuta, HowTo, CDS, things to do after making a new Simulink model 
Entry  Tue Oct 26 17:31:17 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, fixed OPLEV stuff and MCL filters optlevMC2.png
Entry  Thu Oct 28 03:39:58 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, got very stable MC locking C1IOO_MC_SERVO20101028.pngMCrocks!.png
Entry  Thu Oct 28 04:28:50 2010, yuta, Update, Green Locking, checked frequency counter SR620 
    Reply  Thu Oct 28 20:08:26 2010, yuta, Update, Green Locking, revised RF amp cascading 
    Reply  Thu Oct 28 21:20:11 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, Flaky fb, tried DAQ re-install, but no help 
Entry  Thu Oct 28 23:17:15 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, [EMERGENCY] accidentally deleted daqd 
Entry  Fri Oct 29 18:37:33 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, daqd and current CDS status 06-25-2009.NN_24ThreatLevel.GJH2L69BK.1.jpg
Entry  Sat Oct 30 05:27:53 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, CDS time delay measurement delaysetup.pngCDSdelay.png
    Reply  Mon Nov 1 15:47:15 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, CDS time delay measurement downupsampling.pngCDSdelay2.png
Entry  Mon Nov 1 19:32:08 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, fb crashed? during c1ioo and c1mcs connection at ASC 
    Reply  Mon Nov 1 23:31:05 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, checked input hardware filter in single frequency 
Entry  Wed Nov 3 02:23:11 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, checking whitening filter board MC3SEN.png
Entry  Wed Nov 3 02:37:39 2010, yuta, Summary, Green Locking, coarse locked green beat frequency Screenshot_LowFreqLock.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 3 21:19:40 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, put LOCKIN to c1ioo model and checked Screenshot_C1IOO_LOCKIN.png
Entry  Thu Nov 4 17:53:29 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, primitive python script for A2L measurement a2ltest.png
    Reply  Fri Nov 5 14:06:19 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, tried to align MC by A2L measurement A2LmeasurementFigures.png
Entry  Sat Nov 6 07:26:54 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, reduced common mode displacement of the beam through MC1 to MC3 A2LMCalign.png
    Reply  Tue Nov 9 05:40:12 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, MC aligning going on MCalignNov9.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 10 02:51:35 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, limitation of current MC aligning MCalignNov9.png
    Reply  Wed Nov 10 12:21:18 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, limitation of current MC aligning 
Entry  Thu Nov 11 04:32:53 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, found poor contact of DAC cable, previous A2L results were wrong 
Entry  Thu Nov 11 05:56:04 2010, yuta, Summary, IOO, setting up temporary oplev for coil balancing of MCs MC2coils.png
    Reply  Fri Nov 12 06:10:24 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, MC aligned (without coil balancing) MCalignCALIB.png
Entry  Sat Nov 13 15:53:05 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, diagonalization of MC input matrix MCspectraNov09.pngMCspectraNov13.pngMC1spetra_wrongmatrix.png
Entry  Tue Nov 16 03:33:22 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, aligned Faraday, beam reached SM just before PRM MCalignNov16.png
Entry  Wed Nov 17 02:53:41 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, placed new PRM to BS table 
Entry  Wed Nov 17 20:44:59 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, no QPD channels on c1sus machine today 
Entry  Thu Nov 18 00:40:31 2010, yuta, Update, IOO, PRM reflected beam reached AP table 
Entry  Thu Nov 18 16:32:21 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, current damping status for all optics c1sus handles c1susdampings.png
Entry  Fri Nov 19 17:12:22 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, ETMX damped, but with weird TO_COIL matrix ETMXdamping.png
Entry  Sat Nov 20 01:58:56 2010, yuta, HowTo, CDS, editting RT models and MEDM screens 
Entry  Sat Nov 20 02:25:30 2010, yuta, Update, CDS, 2 LOCKINs for suspension models LockinRoll.png
    Reply  Sat Nov 20 03:37:11 2010, yuta, Summary, CDS, CDS time delay measurement - the ripple c1tst16Kdelay.png
Entry  Mon May 21 21:27:39 2012, yuta, Update, CDS, MEDM suspension screens using macro 
    Reply  Tue May 22 20:46:38 2012, yuta, Update, CDS, MEDM suspension screens using macro 
Entry  Thu May 24 16:13:05 2012, yuta, Update, Computers, ASS scripts on new ubuntu machines 
    Reply  Tue May 29 21:05:30 2012, yuta, Update, IOO, PMC, MC alignment are shit 
Entry  Wed May 30 01:35:15 2012, yuta, Update, Green Locking, aligned Y arm green beam 
Entry  Wed May 30 15:51:22 2012, yuta, Update, IOO, MC beam spot oscillation specMC3_onoff_localdamping.pdf
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