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Entry  Tue Dec 16 01:50:27 2014, rana, diego, Frogs, LSC, MICH filter is nuts badMICHrg.pdf
Entry  Mon Jan 4 14:45:41 2016, rana, eq, koji, Configuration, Computer Scripts / Programs, nodus pwd change 
    Reply  Mon May 18 17:42:14 2015, rana, ericQ, Update, General, some status 
    Reply  Tue May 19 18:55:12 2015, rana, ericQ, Update, General, some status 
Entry  Thu Aug 21 02:42:17 2014, rana, ericq, Configuration, Green Locking, Gain changes on Green Y PDH TEK00002.PNGTEK00003.PNG
Entry  Fri Nov 1 19:09:01 2013, rana, evan, Configuration, PSL, PMC reflected beam nonsense 
Entry  Tue Nov 29 17:46:18 2016, rana, gautam, Frogs, Computer Scripts / Programs, gateway PWD change 
Entry  Mon Mar 27 20:41:21 2017, rana, gautam, Update, PSL, PMC DAQ assay for feed-forward integration TEK00000.PNG20170327_194931.jpg20170327_204554.jpg
    Reply  Mon Sep 18 15:00:15 2017, rana, gautam, Frogs, Computer Scripts / Programs, gateway PWD change 
Entry  Wed Jan 29 03:05:47 2020, rana, gautam, Update, SUS, MC misalignments / sat box games IMG_8366.JPG
Entry  Sun Feb 28 16:59:39 2021, rana, gautam, Update, LSC, more PRMI checks here: what it is ain't exactly clear RAMestimate.png
Entry  Wed May 7 23:09:06 2014, rana, jamie, Summary, Computer Scripts / Programs, Ottavia back on network 
Entry  Mon Jun 23 19:33:01 2008, rana, jenne, Update, IOO, MC_F Noise check mcf.png
Entry  Sat Aug 23 09:39:51 2008, rana, jenne, Update, PSL, PMC Survey 
Entry  Tue Sep 8 20:15:33 2009, rana, jenne, Summary, PSL, RC temperature servo: Heater Voltage noise 09080901.PDFTEK00074.PNG
Entry  Thu Oct 3 00:01:59 2013, rana, jenne, HowTo, LSC, steps to full IFO front_matrix.jpg
    Reply  Thu Oct 3 01:06:48 2013, rana, jenne, Update, SUS, oplev XY-plots reflect new calibration etmx_ol.png
Entry  Thu Oct 3 02:43:34 2013, rana, jenne, Summary, LSC, PRMI: comparison of 1f and 3f signals w/ calibration REFL_signals_CalLinesLinedUp.pdf
Entry  Tue Feb 25 00:00:01 2014, rana, jenne, Update, LSC, reasons that the REFL signals may be degenerate now 
    Reply  Tue Feb 25 02:46:38 2014, rana, jenne, Update, LSC, Changing PRCL offset changes REFL 165 degeneracy PRC_offsetCheck_24Feb2014.pdf
Entry  Tue Feb 25 23:38:05 2014, rana, jenne, Update, PEM, GUR1 Z channel excess noise: oscillating Z channel gur1z.pdf
Entry  Wed May 7 04:01:44 2014, rana, jenne, Update, LSC, PRFPMI: Common Mode servo using REFL_DC ON, CARM offset still non-zero 
Entry  Thu Aug 14 22:58:59 2014, rana, jenne, Summary, Green Locking, ALS DIFF tuning sweep.pdf
Entry  Thu Nov 13 01:03:28 2014, rana, jenne, Update, SUS, OL updates on ITMs and ETMs 
    Reply  Wed Dec 17 01:51:44 2014, rana, jenne, Update, ASC, ASS retuned ASSconfig_141217_0205.png
Entry  Tue Feb 17 00:24:47 2015, rana, jenne, Update, LSC, ALS Fool filter updated for more cancellation ALSfoo_150216.png15.png
Entry  Sun Dec 20 21:39:40 2009, rana, jenne, kiwamu, Update, ASS, OAF Model update and build instructions 
    Reply  Mon Dec 21 02:22:31 2009, rana, jenne, kiwamu, Update, ASS, OAF Model update and build instructions Untitled.png
Entry  Fri Apr 23 21:02:14 2010, rana, joe, Update, LSC, Started dev of LSC FE Untitled.png
    Reply  Mon Jan 31 12:40:38 2011, rana, joe, Update, Green Locking, DFD - medm screen a.pdf
Entry  Thu Sep 23 23:24:43 2010, rana, johnny, tara, Summary, PSL, AM modulate AOM to measure RefCav Thermo-Optic coefficient 
Entry  Thu Sep 4 18:02:34 2008, rana, josephb, Configuration, PEM, Accelerometer gains increased by 10 acc.png
Entry  Mon Aug 25 17:45:34 2008, rana, josephb, rob, HowTo, PEM, Accelerometer range Screenshot-4.png
Entry  Thu Aug 28 19:02:25 2008, rana, josephb, rob, Summary, Computers, big boot 
Entry  Tue Nov 29 07:45:56 2011, rana, josh, Summary, Computer Scripts / Programs, 40m Daily News web pages 
Entry  Sun May 30 13:26:07 2010, rana, kiwamu, Update, PSL, new HIGH-LOW value for PMC_TRANS 
    Reply  Tue Dec 22 02:50:09 2009, rana, kiwamu, jenne, Update, ASS, OAF Feedaround ON and doing something good oaf.pngoaf.png
Entry  Sun Feb 20 21:22:33 2011, rana, kiwamu, valera, Configuration, IOO, MC Servo Change 
Entry  Fri Sep 10 02:35:30 2010, rana, kiwamu, valera, tara, Configuration, PSL, update 40mPSL.pdf
    Reply  Wed Apr 1 23:18:07 2009, rana, koji, Summary, IOO, No Reference Cavity Required 
Entry  Fri Jul 10 19:56:23 2009, rana, koji, Omnistructure, Environment, Changed office temp therm.JPG
Entry  Wed Nov 11 18:43:57 2009, rana, koji, HowTo, Photos, Illuminated Paintbrush Technique IMG_0215.JPGIMG_0214.JPG
Entry  Sun Apr 4 00:21:42 2010, rana, koji, Summary, Electronics, Checkout of EG&G (PARC) preamp model #113, s/n 49135 IMG_0628.JPG
Entry  Fri Nov 12 00:42:11 2010, rana, koji, Update, IOO, MC alignment 
Entry  Fri Feb 4 23:39:56 2011, rana, koji, Update, LSC, mixer based FD set up for noise test 
    Reply  Sat Feb 5 23:03:04 2011, rana, koji, Summary, Electronics, Analog Frequency Discriminator: splitter + mixer + long cable mixer.pdfUntitled.pngfsm.png
Entry  Sat Jan 14 00:50:08 2012, rana, koji, Configuration, IOO, Towards coating thermal noise measurement with RefCav / MC beat 
Entry  Thu Oct 31 21:22:00 2013, rana, koji, Summary, IOO, modulation beat note in MC servo 13031.png13031_200.png13031_200b.png
Entry  Fri Mar 28 22:10:00 2014, rana, koji, Update, SUS, recovery from  Screenshot.png
    Reply  Mon Dec 22 21:53:08 2014, rana, koji, Update, IOO, Seven transfer functions MC_OLG.pdf
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