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  4984   Mon Jul 18 20:59:19 2011 JenneUpdateLSCBig ol' mess

[Jamie, Jenne]

We decided to take on the deceptively easy-sounding task of checking that the LSC whitening switching was happening as anticipated.  We hoped to discover that when we clicked the "unwhitening" switches in FM1 of the LSC PDs, we would see the analog whitening turn on and off for the matching channel.  That is what is supposed to happen.

Tragically, it is instead one big giant crazy disaster of a mess.

What we did:

Made a 24tapus (octopus like last time, except more...), with a 50kOhm resistor as our white noise source (instead of using a DAC channel and AWG). 

We plugged our 24tapus into the 3 of 4 whitening boards on the LSC rack that are currently in use.  One of the boards just has 8 terminators on the input, so we left that one alone for now. 

We put the whitening gains to 0dB so that all the channels looked the same. 

We looked at the PD _IN1 channels in DTT, and monitored which signals had whitening switching when we clicked the "unwhitening" buttons on the PD filter banks. 

So far, we can find no rhyme or reason as to why some of the channels work (click unwhite on that PD, see that signal have whitening switching), and others don't.  Some channels we just can't get to switch no matter what, others are just mis-mapped.  There is no discernible pattern.

What we think (so far) is going on:

All of the cables from the PD demod boards are going to the Whitening board inputs, exactly as in Suresh's Diagram.  The only difference is that Refl33, AS165 and Refl165 demod boards don't exist in the rack at this time. 

The Whitening and AA boards in Suresh's Diagram labeled 0-7 are connected to Binary Output channels 0-7. This is a good thing.

The Whitening and AA boards in the diagram labeled 8-15 are connected to Binary Output channels 24-31. This is not so awesome.

This is all we are confident about at this time.

Next steps:

We are hoping that Ben has a secret stash (or can tell us who would) of LSC rack wiring diagrams.  We would like to find out, without the pain of tracing wires and cables by hand, how the Binary I/O information gets through the cross-connect on the LSC rack up to the whitening boards. 

We are leaving the 24tapus in place for now, so that we can carry on tomorrow, either with a wiring diagram in hand, or carefully tracing cables. 

  5035   Tue Jul 26 03:15:52 2011 JenneUpdateLockingLatest MICH noise budget

[Jenne, Rana]

We had another look at the MICH noise budget tonight. Rana has verified that my techniques / math aren't too ridiculous. 

In the first attachment, you'll notice that the MICH noise is waay above the shot noise of 1mW on the beam splitter.  We don't know why.  One problem is that the modulation depth of the 55MHz is too low by ~a factor of 10.  Kiwamu and his magical resonant circuit are working on fixing this.  This will not, however, fix the huge discrepancy here.  More investigation and meditation is required!  For this measurement, the whitening gain of AS55 was set to 42dB for both I and Q.

In the 2nd attachment, the PSL shutter is closed, so all of these are dark measurements of AS55.  (The input matrix on the LSC screen is AS55Q * 1 -> MICH_IN1, so they're the same).  All we've done is change the whitening gain before the ADC.  For 0dB and 9dB, you can see that the low freq noise didn't change - here we're still limited by the ADC noise.  With 21dB and 42dB we're clear of the ADC, so either is fine.  Unfortunately, the high freq stuff when the loop is on matches up with the high freq part of the dark noise, so that's part of the problem....

  5051   Thu Jul 28 02:33:04 2011 JenneUpdateLockingYarm flashing, but not yet locked

Because I'm too lazy to write a cohenrent elog right now, here's my notes that I wrote while working tonight:

Elog notes, 27July2011

Aligned Xarm, just to check on it.  Had to flip sign of TRX in DCPD filter bank (to gain of -1) to make the signal positive.

Restored Yarm, see some slight flashing, but no lock yet.
Adjusted phase rotation of AS55 from 56.5deg to 60deg, just by-eye trying to maximize AS55I, my arm error signal. AS55I goes from ~ -40 to +60 counts

Tried fitzing with Yarm gain, flipping sign, incr gain. No real change in signals, or flashing.

Incr. ETMY oplev gains to -0.4 from -0.2
Engaged ELP35's on Pit and Yaw, to be more similar to other optics.  However, right now all of the optics have different things in their filter banks.  Why??

Arm is flashing pretty reliably now, but still not locking.  The trigger threshold is always satisfied, so that's not it.

  5090   Tue Aug 2 10:53:03 2011 JenneOmnistructureSAFETYRegular door out of service. Use Control Room Door only!!

The hazardous waste people are moving chemicals around outside our door, and have roped off our regular front door. 

Please go around, and use the control room door to enter and exit.  It is currently unlocked, although I'll lock up when I leave for LIGOX.

  5091   Tue Aug 2 11:02:52 2011 JenneUpdateSUSPRM Watchdog tripped

I found PRM watchdog tripped.  It's all better now.

  5100   Wed Aug 3 01:30:04 2011 JenneUpdateLSCAbsolute length of Xarm and Yarm measured

So far, this is just preliminary, because I haven't done full error analysis to determine the error on my measurements.  That will hopefully be done by tomorrow afternoon (so before we start taking off doors).

I find that the length of the Xarm is:  37.5918 meters.

I find that the length of the Yarm is:   37.5425 meters.

I used the mass-kicking technique, as summarized by Kiwamu, and fully described by Alberto.  More words / description to follow with the full error analysis.

  5134   Sun Aug 7 14:11:53 2011 JenneUpdatePEMParticle counts through the roof

[Jenne, Kiwamu]

While Kiwamu was finalizing the X green alignment, I started to prepare to remove the ETMY door, and begin checking out its OSEMs, etc, so we could start moving it to it's new place, and figure out why it's been wonky for a while.  I ran the particle counter, and we have a factor of ~5 more particles than normal.  Kiwamu and I agreed not to open ETMY.  Since we had briefly opened the IOO and Output Optics chambers to check the X green's position on the PSL table, we immediately shut those doors.  They were probably open for ~15 minutes or so.  (Yes Steve, we should have checked before opening any doors, but at least we remembered to check at all, and the doors were only open for a few minutes rather than for a few hours.)

I attach a 24hrs trend of the particle counts, for reference.  It looks like it's been a little high for a while, but today it's really dirty in the air.

  5135   Sun Aug 7 18:41:12 2011 JenneUpdateGreen LockingX green beam re-aligned


The ETMY suspension tower is in a good place.

Quote from #5127

Kiwamu will work on the green alignment over the weekend.  Assuming everything works out, we'll try the same procedure on ETMY on Monday.


 You meant ETMX, right?  ETMY still hasn't been touched.

KI : sorry, I meant ETMX. I fixed the entry.

  5164   Wed Aug 10 02:29:38 2011 JenneUpdateSUSETMY exploration


- Jenne will make a better kick/free-swing test later.

 02:27am, ran the new freeswinging-ifo.csh script.  It's just a copy of freeswinging-all.csh, but it doesn't include the MC mirrors, since Suresh and Kiwamu are still working.  

Now we have copies of the script for -all, -mc, -ifo to cover the various sections of the suspended interferometer.

  5177   Wed Aug 10 18:25:45 2011 JenneUpdateSUSETMY mini-update

[Jenne, Jamie]

ETMY is now in its new nominal position, according to the rails that Kiwamu put in the other day.  OSEM voltages are all centered, and the magnets looked pretty well centered in the OSEM bores.  We're taking data for some free swinging spectra, to check the decoupling. 

Next up: Align Y-green to the arm, then move on to fixing the other optics that Jamie pointed out.

  5181   Thu Aug 11 02:16:57 2011 JenneUpdateGreen LockingY-green aligned and flashing

[Jenne, with ample supervision by Kiwamu and Suresh]

Y-green was aligned, and is now flashing.  The ETMY trans camera was very helpful for this alignment.  I didn't end up needing to use a foil aperture. 

Kiwamu and Suresh had just closed up the IOO doors, so we don't know yet where it's hitting on the PSL table (if the beam is making it that far).  Tomorrow we'll look at ITMY to see if the green beam is centered there, and if it's coming out to the PSL table.

  5209   Fri Aug 12 15:46:51 2011 JenneUpdateSUSEarthquake stop procedure

According to Rana, the following is the "new" (should always have been used, but now we're going to enforce it) earthquake stop backing-off procedure:

1. Back all EQ stops away from the optic, so that it is fully free-swinging.

2. Confirm on dataviewer that the optic is truely free-swinging.

3. One at a time, slowly move the EQ stop in until it barely touches the optic.  Watch dataviewer during this procedure - as soon as the time series of the OSEMs gets a 'kink', you've just barely touched the optic.

4. Back the EQ stop off by the calculated number of turns.  No inspections, no creativity, just math.  Each EQ stop should be between 1.5m and 2.0mm away from the optic.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each EQ stop.

Note: The amount that you need to turn the screws depends on what the threads are.

FACE and TOP stops are all 1/4-20, so 1.5 turns is 1.90mm

BOTTOM stops are either #4-40 or #6-32 (depending on the suspension tower).  If #4-40, 3 turns is 1.90mm.  If #6-32, 2.5 turns is 1.98mm

  5215   Fri Aug 12 17:37:11 2011 JenneUpdateSUSETMY hopefully good again

[Jamie, Jenne]

We went in to have a look-see at ETMY since it looked stuck-ish.  Jamie noticed that the side magnet was pretty close to the teflon plates of the OSEM.  We rotated it a bit, and now its all better.  We also adjusted the OSEMs until their mid-ranges were happy.  The U's were a little low, and the L's were a little high, as if the optic were a bit pitched backward.  Anyhow, we checked that the table is level, and tweaked the OSEMs.  We're starting the free-swinging test now...

Excited all optics

Fri Aug 12 17:38:53 PDT 2011

  5216   Fri Aug 12 20:28:13 2011 JenneUpdateSUSETMY hopefully good again


[Jamie, Jenne]

We went in to have a look-see at ETMY since it looked stuck-ish.  Jamie noticed that the side magnet was pretty close to the teflon plates of the OSEM.  We rotated it a bit, and now its all better.  We also adjusted the OSEMs until their mid-ranges were happy.  The U's were a little low, and the L's were a little high, as if the optic were a bit pitched backward.  Anyhow, we checked that the table is level, and tweaked the OSEMs.  We're starting the free-swinging test now...

Excited all optics

Fri Aug 12 17:38:53 PDT 2011

 Hmmm.  I'm no longer convinced that ETMY is healthy.  I think that when I gave it a kick, it's bouncing against something.  I can't fit the peaks to get the input matrix.  I guess step 1 is to try giving it a smaller kick for the free swinging spectra.  But if the owl shift folk feel like it, they might have a look-see.

  5232   Sun Aug 14 19:06:50 2011 JenneUpdateelogelog dead. Brought back to life

like the subject says...

  5237   Mon Aug 15 13:16:50 2011 JenneUpdateSUSRe: ETMY hopefully good again


I guess the ETMY suspension is still fine. Their OSEM DC voltage and the free swinging spectra look healthy.

It could be a failure in the initial guess for fitting.

Quote from #5216

I'm no longer convinced that ETMY is healthy. I can't fit the peaks to get the input matrix.

 Turns out I was missing a critical step in the process...running makeSUSspectra.m  After I do that, everything is back under control, and ETMY looks fine. 

I'm almost done doing the peak-fitting and matrix inversion for all optics.

  5239   Mon Aug 15 14:10:56 2011 JenneUpdateSUSMonday SUS update

The moral of the story here is that none of the suspensions are overwhelmingly awesome, but most of them will be fine if we leave them as-is.

SUS DoF Plot Input Matrix "BADness" (1==good)
ITMX inMatDiag.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.438   1.019   1.050  -0.059   0.717 
UR    0.828  -0.981   1.128  -0.215  -0.956 
LR   -1.172  -1.201   0.950  -0.275   1.241 
LL   -1.562   0.799   0.872  -0.120  -1.087 
SD   -0.579  -0.847   2.539   1.000  -0.170 

 ITMY  inMatDiag.png        pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.157   0.185   1.188  -0.109   0.922 
UR    0.020  -1.815   0.745  -0.051  -0.970 
LR   -1.980  -0.090   0.812  -0.024   1.158 
LL   -0.843   1.910   1.255  -0.082  -0.949 
SD   -0.958   1.080   1.859   1.000   0.325  
ETMX  inMatDiag.png        pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.338   0.476   1.609   0.316   1.046  
UR    0.274  -1.524   1.796  -0.069  -1.180  
LR   -1.726  -1.565   0.391  -0.100   0.938  
LL   -1.662   0.435   0.204   0.286  -0.836  
SD    0.996  -2.629  -0.999   1.000  -0.111
 ETMY  inMatDiag.png        pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.123   0.456   1.812   0.231   0.936 
UR   -0.198  -1.489   0.492  -0.096  -1.098 
LR   -2.000   0.055   0.188  -0.052   0.764 
LL   -0.679   2.000   1.508   0.275  -1.201 
SD    0.180  -0.591   3.355   1.000   0.200  
 BS  inMatDiag.png        pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.575   0.697   0.230   0.294   1.045 
UR    0.163  -1.303   1.829  -0.133  -0.958 
LR   -1.837  -0.308   1.770  -0.171   0.944 
LL   -0.425   1.692   0.171   0.257  -1.053 
SD    0.769   0.345  -3.380   1.000   0.058 
 PRM  inMatDiag.png        pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.597   1.553   2.000  -0.469   1.229  
UR    1.304  -0.447   0.383  -0.043  -0.734  
LR   -0.696  -1.048  -0.277   0.109   0.687  
LL   -1.403   0.952   1.340  -0.317  -1.350  
SD    0.518  -1.125  -1.161   1.000   0.394  

SRM inMatDiag.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.831   1.039   1.153  -0.140   1.065 
UR    1.071  -0.961   1.104  -0.057  -1.061 
LR   -0.929  -0.946   0.847  -0.035   0.837 
LL   -1.169   1.054   0.896  -0.118  -1.037 
SD    0.193  -0.033   1.797   1.000   0.045 


  5250   Tue Aug 16 17:09:55 2011 JenneUpdateGeneraltoday's work to do


  + Rotate the SRM tower to get the SRMI fringes on the AS CCD camera.

        => This is because the required amount of the YAW correction on SRM is currently beyond the range of the DC bias.

 Kiwamu aligned things for me, and I rotated the SRM tower so that the reflected beam was pretty much totally overlapping the incident beam.  The SRC was aligned to make sure things were good.  Now the DC bias for SRM Yaw is ~1.4, so we're totally good. 

To rotate SRM, Jamie had the idea of using 2 screws so I could push the tower on one side, and back off the screw an equal amount on the other side and push the tower to be touching both screws again, to ensure that I was rotating about the center of the tower and wasn't introducing any Pos action. 

While I was at it, I also moved the OSEM connector tower back to its normal place on the table, so it's not in the way of oplev beams.  It had been moved previously to accommodate ITMY near the door.

  5256   Wed Aug 17 15:55:01 2011 JenneUpdateGeneralin-vac work : the end is near


We will pump down the chambers on Thursday Friday morning.

 All hands on deck at 9am Thursday for drag wiping and doors.  We'll do the 5 doors first (including drag wiping), then put on the access connector last.  Steve will then begin pumping early Friday morning.

  5257   Wed Aug 17 17:51:54 2011 JenneUpdateTreasurePrepared for drag wiping

While waiting for the IFO team to align things (there were already ~5 people working on a ~1 person job...), I got all of our supplies prepped for drag wiping in the morning. 

The syringes are still on the flow bench down the Xarm.  I put fresh alcohol from unopened spectrometer-grade bottles into our alcohol drag wiping bottles.

The ITMs already had rails for marking their position in place from the last time we drag wiped.  I placed marker-rails for both ETMs.

  5280   Tue Aug 23 00:55:13 2011 JenneUpdateGeneralIFO ready for doors

[Kiwamu, Jenne]

After the IFO was aligned in air one final time, we tapped on a few OSEMs until we were happy with all of the centering of all of the optics' OSEMs.  All are within 0.05 of their halfway values, with the exception of one each on MC1 and MC3, one of which is within 0.06, and the other 0.08.  Because of the realignment pain of dealing with MC OSEMs, we elected to leave these alone.  Also, since we obviously didn't open the MC2 tank, we don't know how they are, although the numbers look reasonable. 

Also, we took photos (to be posted on Picasa in a day or two) of all the main IFO magnet-in-OSEM centering, as best we could.  SRM, BS, PRM all caused trouble, due to their tight optical layouts.  We got what we could.  Various people have been looking at these for the past 2 weeks, and I think they're all fine, even if we didn't get stellar photos.

We are now prepared for pumping.  For real this time.


  5281   Tue Aug 23 01:05:40 2011 JenneUpdateTreasureAll Hands on Deck, 9am!

We will begin drag wiping and putting on doors at 9am tomorrow (Tuesday). 

We need to get started on time so that we can finish at least the 4 test masses before lunch (if possible). 

We will have a ~2 hour break for LIGOX + Valera's talk.


I propose the following teams:

(Team 1: 2 people, one clean, one dirty) Open light doors, clamp EQ stops, move optic close to door.  ETMX, ITMX, ITMY, ETMY

(Team 2: K&J) Drag wipe optic, and put back against rails. Follow Team 1 around.

(Team 3 = Team 1, redux: 2 people, one clean, one dirty) Put earthquake stops at correct 2mm distance. Follow Team 2 around.

(Team 4: 3 people, Steve + 2) Close doors.  Follow Team 3 around.

Later, we'll do BS door and Access Connector.  BS, SRM, PRM already have the EQ stops at proper distances.


  5289   Tue Aug 23 16:23:33 2011 JenneUpdateVACAccess connector in place

[Steve, Bob, Jamie, Kiwamu, Valera, Jenne]

The access connector is now in place, in preparation for pump-down.  Tomorrow (hopefully) we will do all the other doors.


  5299   Wed Aug 24 17:05:11 2011 JenneUpdateSUSBroken UL magnet on ITMX


The ITMX tower was shipped into the Bob's clean room to put the magnet back on. 

 Repair work is delayed.  I need the "pickle pickers" that hold the magnet+dumbbell in the gluing fixture, for gluing them to the optic.  Here at the 40m we have a full set of SOS gluing supplies, except for pickle pickers.  We had borrowed Betsy's from Hanford for about a year, but a few months ago I returned all of the supplies we had borrowed.  Betsy said she would find them in her lab, and overnight them to us.  Since the problem occurred so late in the day, they won't get shipped until tomorrow (Thursday), and won't arrive until Friday.

I also can't find our magnet-to-dumbbell gluing fixture, so I asked her to send us her one of those, as well. 

I have 2 options for fixing ITMX.  I'll write down the pros and cons for each, and we can make a decision over the next ~36 hours.


(#1) Remove dumbbell from optic.  Reglue magnet to dumbbell. Reglue magnet+dumbbell to optic.

(#2) Carefully clean dumbbell and magnet, without breaking dumbbell off of optic.  Glue magnet to dumbbell.


(#1) Guarantee that magnet and dumbbell are axially aligned.

(#2) Takes only 1 day of glue curing time.


(#1) Takes 2 days of glue curing time. (one for magnet to dumbbell, one for set to optic.)

(#2) Could have slight mismatch in axis of dumbbell and magnet.  Could accidentally drop a bit of acetone onto dumbbell-to-optic glue, which forces us into option 1, since this might destroy the integrity of the glue joint (this would take only the 2 days already required for option 1, it wouldn't force us to take 2+1=3 days).

  5301   Thu Aug 25 13:10:42 2011 JenneUpdateSUSDrag wiping

As we have seen in the past, both of the ITMs were more dusty than the ETMs, presumably because we have the vertex open much more often than the ends.  Kiwamu and I wiped all of the optics until we could no longer see any dust particles within a ~1.5 inch diameter area around the center. 

Since we have ITMX out for magnet gluing, I'll probably drag wipe both front and back surfaces before putting it back in the suspension cage.  All of the optics have clear dust on the AR surfaces, but we can't get to that surface while the optics are suspended.  For the ETMs this isn't too big of a deal, but it does concern me a bit for the ITMs and other transmissive optics we have.  I don't think it's bad enough yet though to warrant removing optics from suspensions just to wipe them.

  5302   Thu Aug 25 15:20:03 2011 JenneUpdateSUSBroken UL magnet on ITMX

Dmass just reminded me that the usual procedure is to bake the optics after the last gluing, before putting them into the chambers.  Does anyone have opinions on this? 

On the one hand, it's probably safer to do a vacuum bake, just to be sure.  On the other hand, even if we could use one of the ovens immediately, it's a 48 hour bake, plus cool down time.  But they're working on aLIGO cables, and might not have an oven for us for a while.  Thoughts?

  5308   Fri Aug 26 15:30:36 2011 JenneUpdateSUSITMX magnet reglued
The ITMX UL magnet has been reglued.

I *very carefully* using the corner of a cleaned razor blade dropped single drops of acetone onto the top of the dumbbell, and scratched off the residual glue. I didn't want to get even a sprinkle of acetone on the dumbbell-glass junction, and I managed to avoid it. Also, the dumbbell never broke off of the glass (something I've never been able to achieve before), so all I had to do was glue the magnet back onto the dumbbell.

I also scratched the glue from the magnet, after soaking in acetone. I made sure to keep track of which way the magnet had been glued by putting it in the pickle picker that I received from Betsy before getting rid of the glue. I specifically did not compare the polarity of this magnet to the others still glued, because I have seen that in the past break magnets from dumbbells. They can't really handle sideways forces. But since it's glued the same way that it was, it should be fine.

I then aligned the optic in the gluing fixture. I test-fit the pickle picker with magnet, to ensure that the axes of the dumbbell and magnet were aligned as closely as possible. I adjusted the optic to make this axial alignment as perfect as I could see with my eye. Unfortunately the fixture doesn't allow a whole lot of viewing angles of the magnet-dumbbell joint, so we'll see how well I did after I remove it from the fixture.

I put a little dab of epoxy on the end of the magnet, spread it around so it coated the whole surface, and glued it on.

I'll come in tomorrow (Saturday) to check on it, and take it out of the fixture. If it's going to break coming out of the fixture, which I hope won't happen, but has happened before, then I want to be able to fix it again asap.
  5310   Fri Aug 26 16:17:31 2011 JenneUpdateGeneraldrawer cabinet moves in


Jamie and Shuresh moved in Jenne's 11 drawers cabinet and relocated old note book boxes on the inside of the vac tube.

 Barring other chores for next Wednesday, we're going to spend Wednesday afternoon populating the new cabinet with all of the optics hardware: posts, forks, dogs, everything!  It's going to be so organized and awesome!!

  5311   Sat Aug 27 14:33:04 2011 JenneUpdateSUSITMX magnet status

As I feared, since I couldn't see the magnet-to-dumbbell joint from all angles, they ended up being off by ~1/3 of a magnet diameter. 

Because I don't want to deal with finding another failed glue joint tomorrow, I removed the magnet and dumbbell from the optic, and broke the manget off of the dumbbell.  As with yesterday, I kept track of which end of the magnet had been glued to the dumbbell. 

I got a new dumbbell, removed all the glue from the magnet, and reglued them together, in the fixture that ensures they are well aligned. 

Tomorrow I will come in and glue the magnet dumbbell assembly to the ITM.

  5314   Sun Aug 28 20:15:11 2011 JenneUpdateSUSITMX magnet status


Tomorrow I will come in and glue the magnet dumbbell assembly to the ITM.


Tomorrow afternoon I'll remove the optic from the fixture, and put it in the oven.

  5330   Wed Aug 31 16:18:25 2011 JenneUpdateGeneralNew Optics Drawers

[Kiwamu, Manuel, Jenne]

The new optics storage drawers have been populated with optics.  Each drawer is labelled.  Harsh punishments will be inflicted on anyone found disobeying the new scheme.

  5342   Tue Sep 6 11:21:33 2011 JenneUpdateSUSITMX rehung (Friday)

[Jenne, Katrin, Jamie]

I'm a bad kid, and forgot to elog my Friday morning work...

Bob gave me back ITMX after a 48hour bake at 80C + clean RGA scan Friday morning after coffee and doughnuts.  Katrin helped me put it back in the suspension wire. 

While I was leveling the optic (making sure the scribe lines on each side of the optic are at the same height off the table), Katrin cut some new viton for replacement EQ stops.  The optic was missing one lower earthquake stop (the one that Jamie noticed last week), and somehow one other rubber piece came out of the EQ stop on another lower screw while we were re-suspending the optic.  We put the new stops in, and then checked the balance of the test mass.

The oplev is still the HeNe laser that is leveled to the level optical table in the cleanroom.  The lever arm is ~1.5 meters, and over that distance the reflected beam was pointed "up" in pitch by ~1.5mm, which is less than one beam diameter of the HeNe.  This is well within our ability to correct using the OSEMs.

We then locked the test mass, and installed it in the chamber.  I approximately did the half-voltage centering of the OSEMs, leaving the fine-tuning to Kiwamu for after lunch. 

  5343   Tue Sep 6 11:27:19 2011 JenneUpdateGeneralAfternoon pre-pumpdown todo list

These are the things that I can think of that we need to do before we can close up:

* Take a close look at both ITMs' OSEMs, and ensure that the magnets aren't too close to either plate in the OSEMs.  Both have had funny business over the past week.

* Do a free swinging test on both ITMs.  (ITMY may not need it, if we haven't touched it since the last free swinging test, but it can't hurt to take the data)

* Confirm that POX is exiting the chamber.

* Is there anything else???


Our goal is to finish this work by tonight, so that we can close doors and start pumping tomorrow.

  5346   Tue Sep 6 17:56:12 2011 JenneUpdateSUSfree swinging test on ITMX


Tue Sep  6 17:48:02 PDT 2011

 Kiwamu excited ITMY (which Suresh had already started).  I just kicked ITMX:

Tue Sep  6 17:55:21 PDT 2011

  5347   Tue Sep 6 17:56:53 2011 JenneUpdateIOOFree Swing ITMY started


Free swing of ITMY started at

Tue Sep  6 17:41:43 PDT 2011


 I think Kiwamu accidentally restarted this kick at 17:48:02 PDT.

  5349   Tue Sep 6 21:33:21 2011 JenneUpdateSUSDiagonalizability of ITMX and ITMY is acceptable

[Rana and Kiwamu on ITMX, Jenne and Suresh on ITMY, Zombie/brains meeting on accepting the matricies]


Optic Spectra Matrix "Badness"
ITMX ITMX.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.584   0.641   1.396  -0.578   0.558 
UR    0.755  -1.359   0.120  -0.286   0.262 
LR   -1.245  -0.139   0.604  -0.388   0.511 
LL   -1.416   1.861   1.880  -0.681  -2.669 
SD   -0.753   0.492   3.263   1.000  -1.523 
ITMY  ITMY.png           pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.000   0.572   1.134  -0.059   0.951  
UR    0.578  -1.428   0.916  -0.032  -1.024  
LR   -1.422  -0.531   0.866  -0.009   1.086  
LL   -1.000   1.469   1.084  -0.036  -0.939  
SD   -0.662   0.822   1.498   1.000   0.265  

 OSEMs were tweaked.  We have decided that both ITMs are okay in terms of their diagonalization.  ITMY isn't stellar when you look at the spectra, but it's kind of close enough.  Certainly the matrix looks fine.

Aside from checking on POX, I think we're now ready to close up.  Check back later tonight for a final decision announced on the elog.

  5353   Wed Sep 7 00:44:51 2011 JenneUpdateSUSFreeswing all

I just started a freeswing all, as a final check before we pump:

Wed Sep  7 00:43:21 PDT 2011

Wed Sep  7 00:43:32 PDT 2011
sleeping for 5 hours...

Jamie: Please do a quickie analysis (at least for the ITMs) before helping Steve with the heavy doors.

I closed the PSL shutter.

Both ITM chambers were checked for tools, so there should be nothing left to do but put the heavy doors on, and begin pumping.

  5354   Wed Sep 7 00:47:51 2011 JenneUpdateVACPUMP is a GO!

Steve and Jamie:  After Jamie checks the ITM free swingings, please put on the ITM heavy doors and start the pump!  For real this time!!! Yeah!

  5382   Sat Sep 10 19:45:29 2011 JenneUpdateLSCY Arm work


 * ITMY OL: Also the optical layout seems strange: there are two copies of the laser beam going into the chamber (??).

* The ETMY OL beam was coming out but clipping on the mount for the ETMY OL HeNe. This indicates a failure on our part to do the ETMY closeout alignment properly.

 The 2nd beam from this laser is for the SRM's OpLev, so that shouldn't be changed.

For better or worse, we didn't do anything to the ETM OpLevs, because they don't have any in-vac steering optics.  We did however go through and check on all the corner OpLevs.

  5402   Wed Sep 14 01:21:17 2011 JenneUpdateAdaptive FilteringModifications to LSC, RFM models, added OAF model

[Jenne, Mirko, with supervision from Jamie]

We are starting to create the new OAF model, so that it works with the new CDS system. 

I created (and did an "svn add" for) a new c1oaf.mdl, in the same place as the current c1lsc.mdl . Since the oaf will kind of be working with ISC things, I decided to put it in that folder.  So far this new OAF model just has SHMEM/PCIE memory sharing things to get info from the LSC and PEM models.  The OAF model has dcuid=22 (the same as in the old system), and lives on the LSC machine with specific_cpu=4.  This is the CPU number that Yoichi was going to use, but he ended up putting his FF stuff directly into the LSC model for delay reasons.

I modified the c1rfm.mdl to take seismometer and accelerometer info from the PEM model, and give it to the "rfm" via shmem, and then using PCIE (dolphin) to get the channel to the OAF model.

I modified the c1lsc model to have shmem outputs that go from the degrees of freedom to the OAF, and shmem inputs from the OAF's output to sum into the DoFs, just like Yoichi's FF stuff.  I also removed the old OAF_OUT, because it would only allow me to select one DoF at a time, and I will eventually want the ability to do multiple amounts of OAFing at the same time.  Hopefully.

All of the above changes have been svn'ed with nice log messages into the cds svn.

I have not yet modified the PEM model to give the seis/acc information to the RFM model.

I will need to acquire the PSL's PZT input as a representation of the mode cleaner's length if I want to apply the OAF to the MC to recreate past work.

  5421   Thu Sep 15 18:12:21 2011 JenneUpdateSUSfree swinging test in vacuum condition


All the optcs were excited

Sat Sep 10 02:14:11 PDT 2011



Optic The Plot Input Matrix BADness
ITMX  ITMX.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.601   0.680   1.260  -1.009   0.223 
UR    0.769  -1.254  -0.175  -0.179   0.581 
LR   -1.231   0.065   0.566  -0.480   0.252 
LL   -1.399   2.000   2.000  -1.310  -2.944 
SD   -0.580   0.868   2.451   1.000  -1.597 

ITMY  ITMY.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.067   0.485   1.145  -0.195   0.929 
UR    0.548  -1.515   0.949  -0.142  -1.059 
LR   -1.452  -0.478   0.855  -0.101   1.051 
LL   -0.933   1.522   1.051  -0.153  -0.962 
SD   -0.530   0.903   2.115   1.000   0.142 
ETMX ETMX.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.842   1.547   1.588  -0.018   1.026 
UR    0.126  -0.453   1.843   0.499  -1.173 
LR   -1.874  -0.428   0.412   0.511   0.934 
LL   -1.158   1.572   0.157  -0.006  -0.867 
SD    1.834   3.513  -0.763   1.000  -0.133
ETMY ETMY.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL   -0.344   1.280   1.425  -0.024   0.903 
UR    1.038  -0.720   1.484  -0.056  -1.161 
LR   -0.618  -1.445   0.575  -0.040   0.753 
LL   -2.000   0.555   0.516  -0.007  -1.184 
SD   -0.047  -0.038   0.986   1.000   0.083 
BS  BS.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.549   0.655   0.393   0.263   0.997 
UR    0.192  -1.345   1.701  -0.063  -0.949 
LR   -1.808  -0.206   1.607  -0.085   0.952 
LL   -0.451   1.794   0.299   0.241  -1.101 
SD    0.724   0.293  -3.454   1.000   0.037 
PRM  PRM.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.697   1.427   1.782  -0.337   0.934 
UR    1.294  -0.573   0.660  -0.068  -0.943 
LR   -0.706  -1.027   0.218   0.016   0.867 
LL   -1.303   0.973   1.340  -0.254  -1.257 
SD    0.369  -0.448  -0.496   1.000   0.456 
SRM   Can't invert....need to fix the peak-finding.  
MC1  MC1.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.872   0.986   0.160   0.054   0.000 
UR    0.176  -0.752   0.917   0.018   0.000 
LR   -1.824  -2.000   1.840   0.002   3.999 
LL   -1.128  -0.262   1.083   0.038  -0.000 
SD    0.041   0.036  -0.193   1.000  -0.001 
MC2  MC2.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.042   0.767   0.980   0.131   0.928 
UR    0.577  -1.233   1.076  -0.134  -0.905 
LR   -1.423  -0.640   1.020  -0.146   1.050 
LL   -0.958   1.360   0.924   0.120  -1.117 
SD   -0.073  -0.164  -0.702   1.000  -0.056 
MC3  MC3.png       pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    1.595   0.363   1.152   0.166   1.107 
UR    0.025  -1.629   1.135   0.197  -0.994 
LR   -1.975   0.008   0.848   0.105   0.904 
LL   -0.405   2.000   0.865   0.074  -0.995 
SD   -0.433   0.400  -1.624   1.000   0.022 


  5438   Fri Sep 16 17:16:15 2011 JenneUpdateSUSInput matrix diagonalization: Fail!

[Jenne, Anamaria]

I put the new matricies in from the free swinging test for the: ITMX, ITMY, ETMX, ETMY, PRM, BS

Some of the optics damped okay, but ETMX and BS were not good at all.  ETMX was ringing up when I turned on the damping.  BS wasn't, but when I gave it a kick, it wouldn't damp.  No good.

I tried ITMY, and it was totally fine, with nice damping Qs of ~5.  So, I don't know what's going on. 

Anamaria is trying a new 4x4 matrix-inverter, so we can look at the inversion of just the face osems.  We'll see how it goes. 

Since things were crappy, I did a BURT restore, so things are as they were earlier this morning.

  5456   Mon Sep 19 11:49:32 2011 JenneHowToGeneralPlan for this week: SUS inversion


  + Inversion and installation of the SUS input matrices (Jenne)

 It turns out that this is complicated, since there are so many people working with the IFO this week.  What I would like to do is put in the new input matricies, and then do a free swinging test, to see if the suspensions are really diagonalized in the way that we want them to be.  I can't do this during the day, since it will interfere with Paul's OpLev work.  And at "night", I can't, since we'll be doing locking.  So, this may be a late-night task.  I'll write a script this afternoon that will put in all of the new input matricies, and then run the freeswing and the restore watchdogs scripts.  Whomever is the last one to leave for the night can run the combo script.

EDIT:  As of this time (~11:45am), ITMY has its new input matrix.

  5461   Mon Sep 19 15:41:48 2011 JenneUpdateSUSSUS diag stuff... just so I remember what I'm doing

The following optics were kicked:
Mon Sep 19 15:39:44 PDT 2011

  5471   Mon Sep 19 22:47:44 2011 JenneUpdateSUSSUS diag stuff... just so I remember what I'm doing

 The last person out tonight should run the following scripts:

In Matlab: 


In command line:

/opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/SUS/freeswing all


Then in the morning, someone should do a BURT restore to early today (to get the default matricies back), and also restore the watchdogs.


  5476   Tue Sep 20 04:12:26 2011 JenneUpdateSUSJenne's Scripts started


I followed Jenne's instructions, ran the matrix filler script and then set the optics to freeswing. Someone has to burt resture and damp them in the morning.

 Thanks!  I'll give them a little more time, then restore things.

  5477   Tue Sep 20 09:44:44 2011 JenneUpdateSUSJenne's Scripts started



I followed Jenne's instructions, ran the matrix filler script and then set the optics to freeswing. Someone has to burt resture and damp them in the morning.

 Thanks!  I'll give them a little more time, then restore things.

 I began restoring the optics at ~9:30am, so I have a full 6 hours of data, in case I need that much to separate the Pos/Side modes on some of the optics.  They are all damping again with their original matricies.

  5479   Tue Sep 20 14:53:13 2011 JenneUpdateSUSJenne's Scripts started




I followed Jenne's instructions, ran the matrix filler script and then set the optics to freeswing. Someone has to burt resture and damp them in the morning.

 Thanks!  I'll give them a little more time, then restore things.

 I began restoring the optics at ~9:30am, so I have a full 6 hours of data, in case I need that much to separate the Pos/Side modes on some of the optics.  They are all damping again with their original matricies.

 So, clearly this was a kind of dumb idea.  There is nothing mechanical going on between our sensor inputs and our Pit/Pos/Yaw/Side DoF filter banks.  It's just math.  On the other hand, we now have a 3rd set of in-vac free swinging data, so I can (after all the suspensions are working) have a look at the drift in matrix elements over time.

In other news, after some meditation, and fitzing with DoF gain values, all of the IFO optics except for SRM now have their new input matricies, and are damping pretty nicely.  I need to go through and do an "eyeball" check to make sure that everything has a Q of ~5ish.  So far, I've kicked the optics, and watched that they damped fairly quickly, but I don't have a guesstimate of the Q's for each optic, for each DoF.

So, still to do:

Use another set of data and invert the SRM matrix DONE

Plug in the MC matricies, make sure they're okay. DONE

Check the Q's for all optics, all DoFs. 

  5480   Tue Sep 20 15:23:16 2011 JenneUpdateSUSfree swinging test in vacuum condition

This is using data for the SRM from: 20 Sept 2011 03:20:00 PDT = 1000549215

You can see that there are still some funny peaks between Pit and Yaw, but I finnessed the peak-finding, and I was able to fit all of the correct peaks, and invert the matrix:

 SRM now has its new matrix, and is damping happily.

Optic The Plot Matrix Badness
SRM SRM.png                pit     yaw     pos     side    butt
UL    0.877   0.983   1.105  -0.288   1.092 
UR    1.010  -1.017   1.123  -0.145  -1.055 
LR   -0.990  -1.002   0.895  -0.091   0.848 
LL   -1.123   0.998   0.877  -0.234  -1.006 
SD    0.089   0.064   3.752   1.000  -0.009



  5485   Tue Sep 20 16:45:09 2011 JenneUpdateSUSSUS diag stuff... just so I remember what I'm doing

Has the Q been checked?  Still in progress...

ITMX  done  done done done
ITMY  done  done  fine??  done
ETMX  done  done  done  done
ETMY  done  done  done  done
BS  done  done  done  done
PRM done done done done
SRM done done done done

 So, update as of 6:17pm:  I have tuned the damping gains for all IFO optics.  Everything is good, except for ITMY Yaw.  It's probably fine, the optic damps okay, but it doesn't look like a nice clean ringdown.  I haven't taken the time to go back and look at it again.

I have to go to a dinner, but later (probably in the morning, so I don't disturb evening locking) I'll check the MC Qs.

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