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Entry  Wed Oct 6 11:03:51 2010, josephb, yuta, HowTo, CDS, How to start diaggui for right now 
Entry  Wed Oct 6 16:16:48 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, c1sus status 
    Reply  Thu Oct 7 10:48:41 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, c1sus status 
Entry  Thu Oct 7 14:57:52 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, c1sus status 
Entry  Wed Oct 13 17:04:34 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, burt restore now working with filter settings 
Entry  Wed Oct 13 17:12:33 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, Filter name length problem found and fixed 
Entry  Wed Oct 27 15:38:19 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, IO chassis with bad timing was taken back to Downs 
    Reply  Fri Oct 29 11:25:15 2010, josephb, yuta, Summary, CDS, [EMERGENCY] accidentally deleted daqd 
Entry  Tue Nov 2 13:51:40 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, RFM slowdown problem 
Entry  Thu Nov 4 15:27:33 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, c1ioo test points not working 
Entry  Mon Nov 8 14:30:15 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, Added LIGONDSIP setting to cshrc.40m 
Entry  Thu Nov 18 14:05:06 2010, josephb, yuta, Update, CDS, c1sus is alive! 
Entry  Wed Oct 6 12:00:23 2010, josephb, yuta, kiwamu, Update, CDS, Found and fixed filter sampling rate problem with suspensions 
Entry  Fri Nov 12 20:40:51 2010, josephb, yuta, valera, Configuration, Electronics, AA voltage range 
Entry  Mon May 11 12:25:03 2009, josephb,Alex, Update, Computers, fb40m down for patching 
Entry  Mon Nov 9 13:22:08 2009, josephb,alex, Update, Computers, Megatron update 
Entry  Fri May 21 14:31:46 2010, josephb,alex, Update, CDS, New computer and IO chassis working in 1X4 
Entry  Wed Jun 2 11:25:16 2010, josephb,alex, Update, CDS, CDS saga (aka the bad code saga) 
Entry  Fri Oct 1 10:56:30 2010, josephb,alex, Update, CDS, fb work continued 
Entry  Thu Jan 21 17:23:30 2010, josephb,alex,koji, HowTo, Computers, RCG code fixes CDO32.png
Entry  Mon Mar 22 16:57:45 2010, josephb,daisuke, alex, Configuration, Computers, Megatron test points working again 
Entry  Fri Jul 16 15:57:19 2010, josephb,kiwamu, Update, Computers, New X end FE and IO chassis work 
Entry  Wed Aug 18 12:24:58 2010, josephb,kiwamu, Update, CDS, shmem issue 
Entry  Wed Aug 18 11:40:59 2010, josephb,kiwamu,yoichi, Update, CDS, End station working with latest RCG code 
Entry  Fri Jan 15 18:53:05 2010, josephb,peter,koji, Update, Computers, Attempted locking with Megatron replacing ETMY front end 
Entry  Tue May 11 16:38:16 2010, josephb,rana,rolf, Update, CDS, CDS questions and thoughts 
Entry  Fri Feb 8 17:55:53 2008, josh, Configuration, PEM, PEM-AS_MIC now in PSL enclosure 
Entry  Fri Aug 1 11:51:15 2008, justing, Omnistructure, Computers, added /cvs/cds/site directory 
Entry  Tue Feb 5 17:39:05 2008, jweiner, Configuration, PEM, PEM-AS_MIC taken down from AS table, will put in PSL enclosure soon 
Entry  Tue May 31 14:29:00 2011, jzweizig, Update, CDS, frames 
Entry  Sun Mar 13 00:00:58 2011, jzweizig, rana, Configuration, DAQ, NDS2 code change and restart 
Entry  Thu Nov 13 22:52:48 2014, kate, Update, PEM, Seismometers set up for huddle test Seismic_13Nov2014.pdfseism_closed.jpgseism_open.jpg
Entry  Fri May 18 19:10:48 2018, keerthana, Update, General, Code for adjusting the oscillator frequency remotly frequency_set.jpg
Entry  Mon May 21 18:02:55 2018, keerthana, Update, General, Testing of the new mini-circuits frequency counter frequency_counter.jpg
Entry  Tue May 22 17:29:27 2018, keerthana, Update, elog, MEDM Diagram for the auxilary laser system control and display. MEDM_aux.png
Entry  Mon Jun 4 19:41:01 2018, keerthana, Update, , Finesse code for cavity scan Fig1.pngFig2.png
Entry  Thu Jun 7 10:26:36 2018, keerthana, Update, PSL, observing the resonance signal corresponding to the injected frequency. photodetector_alignment.jpgdesign1.PNG
Entry  Thu Jun 7 14:35:26 2018, keerthana, Update, elog, Table- useful for doing the scanning. 
Entry  Mon Jun 11 13:55:33 2018, keerthana, Update, General, Project Updates 
    Reply  Mon Jun 11 19:16:49 2018, keerthana, Update, elog, Comparison of the analytical and finesse values of TMS and FSR. fitting_1.pdf
    Reply  Mon Jun 11 22:18:18 2018, keerthana, Update, elog, Comparison of the analytical and finesse values of TMS and FSR. 
Entry  Wed Jun 13 11:59:03 2018, keerthana, Update, elog, command line enabled code for frequency scanning 
    Reply  Wed Jun 13 18:08:36 2018, keerthana, Update, , Finesse code for cavity scan finesse1.pdffinesse2.pdf
Entry  Thu Jun 21 13:24:00 2018, keerthana, Update, elog, The cavity scan data of June 20 AS110_Beat.pdfYEND_Beat.pdf
    Reply  Tue Jun 26 10:06:39 2018, keerthana, Update, AUX, First Coherent AUX Scan of PRC Using AM Sidebands TRANS.pdfREFL.pdf
Entry  Sun Jul 8 22:27:25 2018, keerthana, Update, , AUX diagram PLL-single_demodulation.pdfPLL-double_demodulation.pdf
    Reply  Wed Jul 11 18:13:19 2018, keerthana, Summary, AUX, Gouy Phase Measurements from AUX-Laser Scans 
Entry  Thu Jul 12 14:06:39 2018, keerthana, Update, elog, Finesse and Analytical solution - Comparison finesse_cavity.pngAnalytical1.pdfFinesse_Analytical.pdfDifference.pdf
Entry  Mon Jun 11 11:45:13 2018, keerthana , Update, elog, Comparison of the analytical and finesse values of TMS and FSR. finesse1.pdf
Entry  Thu Jul 5 17:33:36 2018, keerthana, sandrine, Update, elog, Lights not working 
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