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  7133   Thu Aug 9 07:24:58 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsAll c1spx screens working


  7132   Thu Aug 9 04:26:51 2012 SashaUpdateSimulationsAll c1spx screens workingAs the subject states, all screens are working
(including the noise screens), so
  7131   Thu Aug 9 01:26:03 2012 KojiUpdateASSTrouble measuring sensing matrixThat's a good point, but I suspect
that you end up with the in-phase (0deg)
as the response of the IFO is immediate compared
  7130   Thu Aug 9 00:35:53 2012 JenneSummaryLockingYARM Locking and Calibration


  7129   Thu Aug 9 00:23:11 2012 JenneUpdateASSTrouble measuring sensing matrix


  7128   Thu Aug 9 00:14:02 2012 EricSummaryLockingYARM Locking and CalibrationToday I spent time locking the YARM
in order to calibrate the arm cavity. Here's
  7127   Wed Aug 8 22:17:43 2012 ManasaConfigurationIOOMC trans optics configured


  7126   Wed Aug 8 22:12:30 2012 ranaConfigurationIOOMC trans optics configured  The PDA255   
  7125   Wed Aug 8 20:51:56 2012 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingOptical layout updated


  7124   Wed Aug 8 20:50:39 2012 KojiUpdateASSTrouble measuring sensing matrixFrom the log, I couldn't understand what
has been done.
The procedure we should perform is
  7123   Wed Aug 8 20:34:29 2012 JenneUpdateASSTrouble measuring sensing matrixI turned on the ASS, without closing the
loops, to try to measure the sensing matrix. 
The Yarm was locked 
  7122   Wed Aug 8 19:54:06 2012 ManasaConfigurationIOOMC trans optics configuredJan and I wanted to measure the ringdown
at the IMC. Since the QPD at the MC trans
is not fast enough for ringdown measurements,
  7121   Wed Aug 8 18:01:58 2012 JenneUpdateIOOMC autolocker threshold changedJan and Manasa are going to elog about
their work later, but it involved putting
a BS/window/some kind of pick off in front
  7120   Wed Aug 8 13:37:46 2012 KojiUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsWeek 8/Summary Pages updateHey, the pages got significantly nicer
than before. I will continue to give you
comments if I find anything.
  7119   Wed Aug 8 13:16:58 2012 EricSummaryGeneralSURF Update

  7118   Wed Aug 8 11:47:52 2012 YaakovSummarySTACISWeekly summaryAs Rana pointed out (http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/40m/7112),
the geophone/accelerometer noise lines from
my last eLog (http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/40m/7109)
  7117   Wed Aug 8 11:46:09 2012 MashaSummaryGeneralWeek SummaryThe main thing that I did this week was
write a C
block that, given static weights,
  7116   Wed Aug 8 11:16:06 2012 SashaSummarySimulationsSURF - Week 7 - SummaryThis week, I brought my c1lsp model online
and fixed up some the
  7115   Wed Aug 8 10:38:43 2012 LizUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsWeek 8/Summary Pages updateOver the past week, I have been working on my progress
report and finalizing the summary pages. 
  7114   Wed Aug 8 10:15:13 2012 jamieUpdateEnvironmentAnother earthquake, optics dampedThere were another couple of earthquakes
at about 9:30am and 9:50am local.
  7113   Wed Aug 8 09:46:29 2012 MashaUpdateEnvironmentETMX EQ[Sasha, Masha, Liz, Eric]
A bunch of surfs in the lab just
  7112   Tue Aug 7 23:33:44 2012 ranaUpdateSTACISMore noise dataLooks like you're just measuring the ADC
noise. You should add ADC noise to your plot.
To compare the geophones with the accelerometers,
  7111   Tue Aug 7 23:33:34 2012 DenUpdateEnvironmentNearby EQ


  7110   Tue Aug 7 23:30:58 2012 ranaUpdateEnvironmentNearby EQ Just felt an EQ. Impulse moved some
vertical blinds by several mm.
Tue Aug 07 23:26:06 2012 
  7109   Tue Aug 7 21:34:50 2012 YaakovUpdateSTACISMore noise dataYesterday I plugged the geophone and
accelerometer output into the ADC, rather
than the SR785, so I could collect for longer
  7108   Tue Aug 7 18:38:50 2012 LizUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsDaily Summary Pages are in their final form!Please check the summary   
  7107   Tue Aug 7 16:21:16 2012 ranaUpdateSUSoptical table box wall proposal


  7106   Tue Aug 7 16:11:23 2012 steveUpdateSUSoptical table box wall proposal Sanwiched wall as shown: 1"
clear acrylic, 2 layers of 0.004" thick
"window tint", 1 layer of 
  7105   Tue Aug 7 15:04:23 2012 JamieUpdateCDSdaqd problem was root-owned files and directoriesApparently the last problem was because
of root-owned frame directories that daqd
was trying to write to.  During debugging
  7104   Tue Aug 7 15:01:38 2012 JenneUpdateComputer Scripts / Programsmedmrun now allows args to pass to scriptsPreviously, medmrun didn't accept arguments
to pass along to the script it was going
to run.  Jamie has graciously taken
  7103   Tue Aug 7 14:34:01 2012 JamieUpdateCDSjk. daqd still segfaulting


  7102   Tue Aug 7 14:17:07 2012 JamieUpdateCDSdaqd running again; related to c1sup issueSo daqd's problem was apparently the bad/non-running
c1sup model.  The c1sup model, which
I reported on attempting to get running in
  7101   Tue Aug 7 11:46:24 2012 JamieUpdateCDSAlex working on daqdAlex is apparently working on daqd (remotely). 
I'll report back when I find out more.
  7100   Tue Aug 7 03:20:56 2012 JenneUpdateASSASS setup, on, off scripts writtenI wrote new setup, on and off scripts for
the arm ass.  They take the arm as an
argument, so it's the same script for both
  7099   Tue Aug 7 00:22:10 2012 JenneUpdateASSFilter banks working


  7098   Mon Aug 6 23:05:22 2012 JenneUpdateSUSPRM oplevs servo is fineThe PRM was pointing totally the wrong
way, so there was no light on the oplev PD. 
I restored the PRM, turned the gains back
  7097   Mon Aug 6 20:27:59 2012 JamieUpdateSimulationsMore work on getting simplant models running: c1lsp and c1supI'm trying to get more of the simplant
models running so that we (me and Sasha Surf)
can get a full real-time cavity simplant
  7096   Mon Aug 6 20:22:50 2012 JamieUpdateCDSdaqd segfaulting after five minutesI tried running daqd manually, and sure
enough it segfaults after about five minutes
(see log below).  I've uncommented it
  7095   Mon Aug 6 20:08:45 2012 JamieUpdateCDSdaqd and CDS network problems todayWhen daqd is caught in this state it can
not be killed.  It's in "uninterruptable
sleep" ('D' state in the top output
  7094   Mon Aug 6 19:54:53 2012 JamieUpdateCDSdaqd and CDS network problems todayIt looks like daqd is indeed caught in
some bad state.  It seems to die at
some point after making GPS corrections to
  7093   Mon Aug 6 19:37:50 2012 JamieUpdateCDSdaqd and CDS network problems todayFor some reason this afternoon we've been
experiencing a lot of problems with the framebuilder,
and with the CDS network in general. 
  7092   Mon Aug 6 17:15:15 2012 JenneUpdateASSFilter banks not workingI was trying to load some filters into
the ASS so that I can try it out, but for
some reason the filter banks aren't working
  7091   Mon Aug 6 16:48:43 2012 steveUpdateSUSSRM oplev is clippingThe SRM oplev beam is clipping.   
  7090   Mon Aug 6 11:07:06 2012 ManasaUpdate40m UpgradingOptical layout updatedACAD files of the 40m optical layout have
been updated as per the vent in Aug 2011.
Files are available at the 40m svn
  7089   Mon Aug 6 10:53:32 2012 steveUpdateVACstatus: vauum normal 
 The power outage did not have
any effect on the vacuum system.  I
  7088   Mon Aug 6 09:46:31 2012 steveUpdateIOOpoweroutage turns laser off
. Power
  7087   Mon Aug 6 07:59:33 2012 steveUpdateSUSPRM oplevs servo is still bad


  7086   Sun Aug 5 13:48:40 2012 DenUpdateCDSMove to RCG 2.5 tag release


  7085   Sat Aug 4 17:32:31 2012 DenUpdatedigital noisefilter checkerThe script estimates digital noise produces
by online filters. First version of Matlab
files and complied c files are in scripts/digital_noise
  7084   Fri Aug 3 14:52:11 2012 JenneUpdatePEMshims


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