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  5880   Sat Nov 12 02:27:00 2011 SureshUpdateComputersC1IOO front end suddenly froze. Was restarted remotely[Koji Suresh]
No one was messing with the c1ioo
or any other machine.   The medm
  5881   Sat Nov 12 02:44:18 2011 SureshUpdateComputersC1IOO front end suddenly froze. Was restarted remotely

  5883   Sat Nov 12 03:46:55 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC WFS Servo: Open loop gain [Mirko, Suresh]
I closed the WFS loops and measured
the transfer function from IN2 to IN1 testpoints
  5891   Tue Nov 15 00:00:15 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC was realigned to remove beam clipping and to accommodate PZT1 range[Kiwamu, Suresh]
The MC was realigned to readjust
the input beam direction in pitch such that
  5892   Tue Nov 15 01:44:36 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC WFS Servo: Open loop gain

  5899   Tue Nov 15 19:59:41 2011 SureshUpdateIOOWFS output matrix measured (open loop)

  5904   Wed Nov 16 08:57:08 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC WFS Servo OLG data and fitsI measured the Transfer Functions between
from IN2 to IN1 on the WFS1PIT, WFS2PIT,
WFS1YAW and WFS2YAW servo loops. 
  5905   Wed Nov 16 09:21:56 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC2 Shifted in Pitch, corrected by adjusting the pitch bias[Steve, Suresh]
    Steve went over
to the MC2 walkway and 
  5906   Wed Nov 16 10:08:17 2011 SureshUpdateIOOEffect of turning on the MC2_TRANS_PIT and YAW loops in ASCI turned on the two remaining loops in
the ASC system to see if we can lock.  
I put in some ones into the WFS_OUTPUT matrix
  5910   Wed Nov 16 10:53:35 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC2 Shifted in Pitch, corrected by adjusting the pitch bias

  5925   Thu Nov 17 13:58:12 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC unlocked and misaligned.

  5938   Fri Nov 18 01:12:14 2011 SureshUpdateCDSMC1 LR dead for > 1 month; now revived temporarily[Den, Mirko, Suresh]
    We were investigating
why there is no correlation between MC1 osem
  5943   Fri Nov 18 08:29:35 2011 SureshUpdateIOOHEPA air-flow effect on WFS.[Koji, Suresh]
    We investigated
the effect of airflow from the HEPA filters
  5958   Sat Nov 19 06:04:43 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC_WFS Servo: The MC2_TRANS_PIT and YAW loops switched ONWithout adding significant amounts of noise
to other WFS loops I have engaged the MC2_TRANS_PIT
and YAW loops. 
  5989   Wed Nov 23 16:48:39 2011 SureshUpdateGeneralcable cleanup[Koji Suresh]
As part of the general lab clean
up we removed many unused BNC cables (long
  5990   Wed Nov 23 16:55:57 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC realignedThe PSL alignment into the MC was too poor
for the autolocker to engage.  So retaining
the last coil slider settings on the MC_Align
  6015   Sat Nov 26 07:18:11 2011 SureshUpdateIOOMC WFS related changes to c1ioo modelWhat I did:
    I have changed
the c1ioo model such that the signals which
  6290   Thu Feb 16 21:13:07 2012 SureshUpdateElectronicsREFL165 repair: PD replaced, DC response checked with a torch light[Koji, Suresh]
Kiwamu mentioned that REFL165 is
not responding and its DC out seems saturated
  6333   Tue Feb 28 16:31:08 2012 SureshUpdateElectronicsREFL165 repair: CharacterizationThe transfer function and current noise
were measured.  The location of the
peak shifts with the amount of incident light
  6337   Wed Feb 29 00:22:35 2012 SureshUpdateElectronicsREFL165 repair: Installed on the AS table1) The REFL165 has been replaced onto the
AS table.
2) When the PD interface cable is
  6339   Wed Feb 29 01:14:40 2012 SureshUpdateElectronicsREFL165 repair: Characterization


  6402   Mon Mar 12 22:14:56 2012 SureshUpdateRF SystemCalibration of Demod Board Efficiency. I have completed the calibration of the
demod board efficiencies.  Here is the
schematic of the set-up.
  6418   Wed Mar 14 16:39:02 2012 SureshUpdateGeneralREFL165 signal was not reaching demod board : Fixed


  6423   Fri Mar 16 06:17:56 2012 SureshUpdateElectronicsREFL165 calibration : measurements 
These are the measurements for estimating
the amplitude of the signal recorded in the
  6428   Mon Mar 19 21:25:31 2012 SureshUpdateElectronicsREFL165 calibration : measurements

  6431   Tue Mar 20 17:50:44 2012 SureshUpdateComputersBeam Scan machine fixedThere was something wrong with the Beam
Scan PC.  The  mouse and screen
were not responding and the PC was asking
  6441   Fri Mar 23 05:10:46 2012 SureshUpdateIOOBeam Profile measurements: Errors too large to yield good fits.[Kiwamu, Suresh]
   Today we attempted to
measure the beam profile of the REFL beam
  6447   Mon Mar 26 23:47:54 2012 SureshUpdateIOOBeam Profile measurement: IPPOS beam[Keiko, Suresh]
   Keiko and I measured
the IPPOS beam profile.  The fit parameters 
  6448   Tue Mar 27 02:05:40 2012 SureshUpdateIOOBeam Profile measurement: IPPOS beam


  6459   Tue Mar 27 23:37:35 2012 SureshUpdateIOOBeam Profile measurement: IPPOS beam


  6477   Mon Apr 2 23:06:38 2012 SureshUpdateIOOBeam Profile measurement: IPPOS beam: Mystery deepens
  6526   Thu Apr 12 01:17:56 2012 SureshUpdateIOOBeam Profile measurement: IPPOS beam: Possible Clipping[Suresh, Jenne]
input beam is most probably being clipped
  6528   Thu Apr 12 14:48:44 2012 SureshUpdateSUSlocal damping and WFS    WFS servo is moving
the MC mirror angles to minimise TEM01 and
TEM10 modes within the MC cavity.   
  6531   Thu Apr 12 23:12:16 2012 SureshUpdateIOOBeam Profile measurement: IPPOS beam: Possible Clipping


  6534   Fri Apr 13 16:09:43 2012 SureshUpdateComputer Scripts / ProgramsACAD 2002 installed on C21530I have installed
ACAD 2002 on one of the Windows machines
  6535   Sat Apr 14 00:19:35 2012 SureshOmnistructureLSCOptical Fibers for insitu RFPD characterisation    I have worked out the fibers
we need to get for the following distribution
  6549   Thu Apr 19 09:45:43 2012 SureshUpdateGeneralMC2 Oplev signals redirected for use in WFS servo


  6575   Thu Apr 26 18:17:56 2012 SureshUpdateIOOMC WFS: Tweaked the WFS offsets[Jamie, Suresh]
Yesterday Den and Koji reported that
the WFS loops were causing the MC to become
  6582   Mon Apr 30 13:00:50 2012 SureshUpdateCDSFrame Builder is downFrame builder is down.  PRM has tripped
its watch dogs.  I have reset the watch
dog on PRM and turned on the OPLEV. It has
  6584   Mon Apr 30 16:56:05 2012 SureshUpdateCDSFrame Builder is down


  6586   Mon Apr 30 20:43:33 2012 SureshUpdateCDSFrame Builder is down


  6668   Wed May 23 20:41:37 2012 SureshBureaucracyGeneral40m Meeting Action Items: Tip-tilts : cabling and electronics


  6669   Wed May 23 21:32:15 2012 SureshUpdateIOOWFS didn't turn off automatically


  6676   Thu May 24 15:10:43 2012 SureshSummaryGeneralIOO (MC) health check webpage layout   Here is the suggested layout
of the MC health check web page layout. I
will update the Omnigraffle file as people
  6679   Thu May 24 19:39:18 2012 SureshUpdateIOOMC and WFS alignment adjusted[Yuta, Suresh]
We found that the MC was not locking
and that the alignment between PSL and MC
  6688   Fri May 25 23:11:50 2012 SureshUpdateIOOMC spot positions measured[Koji, Yuta, Suresh]
We measured the MC spot positions
after re-aligning the MC.  The spot
  6733   Thu May 31 17:47:25 2012 SureshOmnistructureGeneral40m Wireless NetworkMike Pedraza came by today to install a
new wireless network router configured for
the 40m lab network.  It has a 'secret'
  6756   Tue Jun 5 20:42:59 2012 SureshSummaryIOOTip-Tilt CablingI have made a preliminary sketch of the
cabling involved in connecting the Tip-tilt
coil drivers.   This is a preliminary
  6762   Wed Jun 6 01:23:32 2012 SureshSummaryIOOTip-Tilt Cabling
  6770   Wed Jun 6 19:46:46 2012 SureshSummaryIOOTip-tilt assembly: current status and work remaining 
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