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    Reply  Tue Sep 26 14:07:00 2023, Murtaza, Update, , IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES) 
[Paco, JC, Murtaza]


To fix the WFS loops, went through the following steps
Entry  Wed Sep 27 14:01:11 2023, yuta, Update, SUS, Whitening/dewhitening check at Yend Screenshot_2023-09-27_22-35-06_QPDs.pngc1scy_Screenshot_2023-09-27_13-53-28.pngafter_c1scy_Screenshot_2023-09-27_15-52-19.pngScreenshot_2023-09-27_22-55-42_BIO.pngIMG_7497.jpeg
[Paco, Yuta]

 We checked whitening and dewhitening situations in all the suspensions, and fixed them for ETMY.
    Reply  Wed Sep 27 21:11:36 2023, yuta, Update, SUS, Checking suspension damping loop polarity conventions  IMG_7498.JPG
[Paco, Yuta]

We checked the polarity of suspension damping loops if they follow the conventions we agreed in 40m/16898.
Entry  Thu Sep 28 11:27:24 2023, Radhika, Update, SUS, PRM/SRM damping/alignment PRM_damping_kick_2023-09-28.pngSRM_damping_kick_2023-09-28.png
PRM/SRM OSEM input calibration

- I realized I had not yet updated
the input OSEM cts2um calibration. For PRM and SRM, I changed each cts2um filter gain from 0.36 ---> 0.0417 (factor
of 8.64).
    Reply  Thu Sep 28 11:30:13 2023, yuta, Update, SUS, Checking suspension damping loop polarity conventions  
To further homogenize the suspensions, we did the following changes.

 - Changed +/- 13 in SDCOIL_GAIN of SR2,LO1,LO2,AS1,AS4 to +/-1 and increased SUSSIDE_GAIN accordingly
    Reply  Thu Sep 28 12:43:02 2023, Radhika, Update, , IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES) 
While aligning today I realized the cavAlign step sizes and step factors had not been updated after the upgrade.

Here are the new MEDM command arguments to launch cavAlign. Only factors not equal to 1
are listed. The updates made by me are in red
    Reply  Thu Sep 28 16:45:54 2023, Murtaza, Update, , IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES) 
[Rana, Radhika, Murtaza]

WFS Loop Debugging

- We turned on the WFS loops with very
small gain (0.01) to see how the error signals behave. There is an existing template to look at the error signals in ndscope (users->Templates->ndscope->IOO->WFS->WFS-overview.yml).
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