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  17876   Wed Sep 27 21:11:36 2023 yutaUpdateSUSChecking suspension damping loop polarity conventions

[Paco, Yuta]

We checked the polarity of suspension damping loops if they follow the conventions we agreed in 40m/16898.
Suspensions are nicely homogenized nicely yes, with some exceptions (see Attachment #1).

  • ​PRM SDSEN_GAIN is 0.2, but it should be 1.
  • LO1, LO2, AS1, AS SDCOIL_GAIN is +/-13, but it should be +/- 1. (Unless there are reasons for these 13)
  • Let's make coil dewhitening to be off (in Acq mode) for all by default to homogenize (40m/17875). MC1 and MC3 might require 28Hz ELP for 60Hz noise.
  • INMAT should be normalized nicely so that SUSPOS/SIDE_IN will be um and SUSPIT/YAW_IN will be urad. (Are cnts2um in *SEN filters correct?)
  • Gain offsets in *COIL filters (e.g. V2A, x0.414) can be adjusted later to have the same actuation efficiencies between suspensions.

Note that *COIL_GAIN are now +--++ or flipped one in the order of UL/LL/UR/LR/SD.

  - Address the points raised above
  - Make a script to show current EPICs values for all suspensions to check the damping configurations.

Attachment 1: IMG_7498.JPG
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