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Entry  Mon Sep 25 15:32:57 2023, JC, Update, IOO, IMC Alignment After C1Sus2 Crash This Morning 
[Paco, Murtaza, JC]

Fixed C1SUS2 Crash from this morning

Entry  Thu Sep 28 11:27:24 2023, Radhika, Update, SUS, PRM/SRM damping/alignment PRM_damping_kick_2023-09-28.pngSRM_damping_kick_2023-09-28.png
PRM/SRM OSEM input calibration

- I realized I had not yet updated
the input OSEM cts2um calibration. For PRM and SRM, I changed each cts2um filter gain from 0.36 ---> 0.0417 (factor
of 8.64).
Entry  Wed Sep 27 14:01:11 2023, yuta, Update, SUS, Whitening/dewhitening check at Yend Screenshot_2023-09-27_22-35-06_QPDs.pngc1scy_Screenshot_2023-09-27_13-53-28.pngafter_c1scy_Screenshot_2023-09-27_15-52-19.pngScreenshot_2023-09-27_22-55-42_BIO.pngIMG_7497.jpeg
[Paco, Yuta]

 We checked whitening and dewhitening situations in all the suspensions, and fixed them for ETMY.
    Reply  Wed Sep 27 21:11:36 2023, yuta, Update, SUS, Checking suspension damping loop polarity conventions  IMG_7498.JPG
[Paco, Yuta]

We checked the polarity of suspension damping loops if they follow the conventions we agreed in 40m/16898.
       Reply  Thu Sep 28 11:30:13 2023, yuta, Update, SUS, Checking suspension damping loop polarity conventions  
To further homogenize the suspensions, we did the following changes.

 - Changed +/- 13 in SDCOIL_GAIN of SR2,LO1,LO2,AS1,AS4 to +/-1 and increased SUSSIDE_GAIN accordingly
Entry  Mon Sep 25 17:01:46 2023, Murtaza, Update, , IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES) 
[JC, Paco, Radhika, Murtaza]


1. WFS Relief
We tried to change the gain to offload the offsets in the reliefMCWFS script but it The gains might need some tuning
    Reply  Tue Sep 26 14:07:00 2023, Murtaza, Update, , IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES) 
[Paco, JC, Murtaza]


To fix the WFS loops, went through the following steps
    Reply  Thu Sep 28 12:43:02 2023, Radhika, Update, , IFO ALIGNED (WITH SOME ISSUES) 
While aligning today I realized the cavAlign step sizes and step factors had not been updated after the upgrade.

Here are the new MEDM command arguments to launch cavAlign. Only factors not equal to 1
are listed. The updates made by me are in red
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