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  17510   Tue Mar 14 15:46:06 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCDiagonalizing YAW output matrix using a different method Alex, Anchal, and I adjusted the number
of the MC2-TRANS column in the YAW output
matrix. We used the same method in 40m/17504 but
  17511   Tue Mar 14 18:44:39 2023 yutaUpdateBHDLO phase noise measurements in ITMX single bounce, MICH and FPMI[Anchal, Yuta]

We have measured LO phase noise in
  17512   Thu Mar 16 13:31:25 2023 TomohiroUpdateIMCDiagonalizing YAW output matrix using a different method Purpose

To adjust the components
of the WFS2 column in the YAW output
  17513   Fri Mar 17 17:27:58 2023 Alex, TomohiroUpdateIMCArm Cavity Noise injection with WFS1/2 PIT and YAW Tomohiro and I performed some tests under
Rana's guidance to find cross corelations
between WFS1 and WFS2 output signals in both
  17514   Mon Mar 20 20:27:30 2023 yutaUpdateBHDLO phase noise contribution in MICH BHD[Paco, Yuta]

MICH was locked with balanced homodyne
readout with LO phase locked using BH55_Q
  17515   Tue Mar 21 18:41:12 2023 AlexUpdateIMCDither Lines set on MC1, MC2, MC3 for the nightWith Anchal's help, I have setup dither
lines for Rana on MC1,2,3 that will be running
overnight. The oscilations were set on MC1,2,3,
  17516   Wed Mar 22 15:51:44 2023 AlexUpdateIMCBeam offset calculation for MC1,2,3 from dither resultsI have organized the resulting data from
running dither lines on MC1,2,3. The data
has been collected from diaggui as shown
  17517   Wed Mar 22 18:38:54 2023 PacoSummaryBHD"On why BH55 senses the LO phase, a finesse adventure of loss and residual DARM offsets"[Paco, Yehonathan]

I took over the finesse calculations
Yehonathan had set up for BHD. The notebook
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