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Message ID: 9675     Entry time: Tue Feb 25 23:38:05 2014
Author: rana, jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: GUR1 Z channel excess noise: oscillating Z channel 

Last night we noticed an excess in the GUR1Z seis BLRMS on the StripTool. It was in the 0.1 - 0.3 Hz band. The rumor in the control room was that "this kind of noise has been showing up at night recently".

AS it turns out, this was not some environmental noise around the 40m at night, but instead its some internal servo oscillation in the GUR1 Z channel. In the Guralp seismometers, each channel is a different mechanical sensor (unlike the STS or T240), so when a single channel gets noisy it doesn't always implicate the others.

My guess is that the oscillation came from the Z channel needing to be recentered. I power cycled the interface box just now. The oscillation had already gone away, but I thought this might reduce the excess noise. Maybe it did, but the effect is tiny. You can see in the oscillation reference that the low frequency noise is high, but in the new trace its still kind of high. Needs to be re-centered correctly with the paddle. Or add a centering button to the interface box.

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