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Entry  Wed Jan 15 13:05:30 2014, Jenne, Update, PEM, 4.4 EQ in Fontana, CA 
    Reply  Thu Jan 16 08:19:29 2014, Steve, Update, PEM, 4.4 and 3.8M local earth quakes local4.4eq.pnglocal3.8eq.png
Message ID: 9556     Entry time: Wed Jan 15 13:05:30 2014     Reply to this: 9559
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: 4.4 EQ in Fontana, CA 

It looks like there was a 4.4 magnitude earthquake near Fontana, CA around 1:30am today.  This tripped all of the suspension watchdogs, which Q has just now re-enabled. 

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