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Entry  Fri Jan 3 15:19:39 2014, rana, Summary, PSL, PSL pointing monitoring PSL_pointing_2013.png
    Reply  Fri Jan 3 18:21:45 2014, rana, Summary, PSL, PSL pointing monitoring 
       Reply  Mon Jan 6 16:30:31 2014, Jenne, Summary, PSL, PSL pointing monitoring MCspots_6Jan2014.png
Message ID: 9519     Entry time: Mon Jan 6 16:30:31 2014     In reply to: 9518
Author: Jenne 
Type: Summary 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PSL pointing monitoring 

I'm not sure which pointing Rana wanted to fix today, but here's a measurement of the MC spots.  They actually look pretty good.  There is some room for improvement, but not a lot, so I'm leaving it alone for now, while I play with other things in the IFO.

spot positions in mm (MC1,2,3 pit MC1,2,3 yaw):
[0.63368182839757914, 1.3004245778952557, 0.33621668795755993, -1.5585578137597658, -3.1344594013487286, -1.0533063060089816]


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