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Entry  Mon Nov 18 16:39:38 2013, Steve, Update, SUS, PRM pictures PRM1.JPGPRMsurface.JPGPRM2.JPG
    Reply  Mon Nov 18 17:00:20 2013, Jenne, Update, SUS, PRM pictures 
    Reply  Mon Nov 18 19:45:42 2013, RANA, Update, SUS, PRM pictures 
       Reply  Mon Nov 18 21:26:13 2013, Koji, Update, SUS, PRM pictures 
          Reply  Tue Nov 19 11:33:39 2013, Steve, Update, SUS, PRM- OSEM side ccd camera is in place closetoWindowGlass.jpgDangerUnprotectedViewport.jpg
             Reply  Tue Nov 19 11:56:10 2013, manasa, jenne, ericQ, Update, LSC, PRM- OSEM side ccd camera is in place 
             Reply  Thu Dec 5 11:06:43 2013, Steve, Update, Cameras, viewport video ccd cameras are all covered PRMcamera.jpgPRMcameraCover.jpgFaradayCameraCover.jpg
Message ID: 9399     Entry time: Mon Nov 18 17:00:20 2013     In reply to: 9398
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: PRM pictures 

It crossed my mind that, from these pictures, it could be glow from the oplev scattered light that is causing the problem.  However, that seems not possible, since the power fluctuations that we see depend on the presence of the IR light - if it were the oplev light, then when I close the PSL shutter, I should see the same amount of kick, which I don't.  Also, the amount of fluctuation increases with increased stored power in the cavities.  Also, also, Steve reminds me that some of the MC mirrors see similar kicks in their OSEM signals, but they don't have oplevs.

So, I don't believe that the oplev light is causing the problem, but I wanted to write down why I don't think that's it. 

Investigations into OSEM and oplev loops to get rid of the kicks are continuing.

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