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Entry  Sat Oct 26 21:46:33 2013, RANA, Update, IOO, Mode Cleaner Tune-UP MCtrend.pdfMC40days.png
    Reply  Mon Oct 28 14:12:48 2013, manasa, Update, IOO, Mode Cleaner relocked Screenshot-Untitled_Window-3.png
       Reply  Wed Oct 30 01:53:52 2013, Jenne, Update, IOO, Mode Cleaner relocked 
    Reply  Mon Oct 28 21:33:55 2013, RANA, Update, IOO, Mode Cleaner Tune-UP Untitled.png
       Reply  Thu Oct 31 15:34:28 2013, manasa, Update, IOO, MC not happy since yesterday MC_drift.png
       Reply  Thu Oct 31 20:05:48 2013, RANA, Update, IOO, Mode Cleaner Tune-UP drifty.png
          Reply  Fri Nov 1 09:45:32 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, beam dumps to be find razor_beam_dumps.jpg
          Reply  Mon Nov 4 11:37:12 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, PSL output shutter installed Shutterisback.jpg
             Reply  Mon Nov 4 12:59:43 2013, Jenne, Update, IOO, MC alignment not so good after PSL output shutter installed MCspots_4Nov2013.png
                Reply  Tue Nov 5 00:39:43 2013, manasa, Update, IOO, IFO alignment tuning MC_spot.png
                   Reply  Tue Nov 5 08:44:21 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, after last steering mirror mount swap after_Shutter_SMm_installed.pngafterlastSMmountswap.jpg
                   Reply  Tue Nov 5 17:12:34 2013, Steve, Update, LSC, centered qpds recentered.png
                      Reply  Wed Nov 6 08:33:53 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, Poiting changes of PSL 1dayTRENDofPOITING.png20dayTRENDioo.png
                         Reply  Thu Nov 7 08:57:20 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, PSL pointing monitoring PMC11072013.jpgPMCTqpdMon.png
                            Reply  Mon Nov 11 22:35:45 2013, RANA, Update, IOO, PSL pointing monitoring qpd.pdf
                               Reply  Tue Nov 12 23:48:23 2013, RANA, Update, IOO, PSL pointing monitoring 
                               Reply  Thu Nov 21 16:32:20 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, PMC needs a touch of love PMCplus.png
                               Reply  Fri Dec 6 15:57:41 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, beam dumps for PSL pointing monitoring  IOO_QPD_MONS.jpgPointingTrend23d.png
                                  Reply  Tue Dec 10 10:07:01 2013, Steve, Update, IOO, more beam traps InputWindowRefDump.jpgInpWindowRefDupm.jpg
Message ID: 9336     Entry time: Mon Nov 4 12:59:43 2013     In reply to: 9334     Reply to this: 9342
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC alignment not so good after PSL output shutter installed 


  The PSL shutter is reinstalled.

 I'm not sure if Steve bumped something, or if it was just a fluke, but the MC didn't come back very nicely after Steve finished re-installing the shutter.

Earlier today, after Steve locked the PMC, MC trans looked good for over an hour (according to the striptool plot on the wall).  Then, the MC was unlocked for about an hour, presumably while Steve was working, he had the light blocked.  When he finished, the MC transmission was around 5,000 while usually it is around 17,000.  The reflection was around 3.4, rather than a best of below 0.5 (unlocked refl is 4.5).

Using Rana's ezcaservo trick to get the suspensions back to where they were at last good lock usually works (I used to do it by hand though).  However, today, it only got the reflection down to about 2.0.  So, I did the rest of the alignment by hand. 

After I did this, the reflection is down to 0.48.  Engaging the WFS makes the MC much more noisy, so I have them disabled currently. 

I have measured the spots, and if I compare them to the measurements that (I think it was Manasa) took last week, they look pretty bad. 

I think that we need to swap out the 2nd zigzag mirror, and then do a careful MC realignment.  It's certainly not worth doing the work, and then re-doing it after we swap out the zigzag mirror.


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