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Entry  Wed Oct 30 00:02:25 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, LSC demod boards need some thought 
    Reply  Wed Oct 30 01:22:56 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, REFL 165 demod phase adjusted 
       Reply  Wed Oct 30 01:44:13 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, MICH and PRCL gains adjusted (Config file saved) 
          Reply  Wed Oct 30 03:36:51 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, MICH and PRCL UGFs change with ALS enabled 
             Reply  Mon Nov 4 15:46:17 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, Thoughts and Conclusions from last week's PRMI+2arms attempt 12x
                Reply  Tue Nov 5 19:39:27 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, OpLev time series OpLevs_during_PRMI_2arms.pdf
    Reply  Wed Oct 30 03:33:17 2013, Rana, Update, LSC, LSC demod boards need some thought 0309.png
       Reply  Wed Oct 30 08:32:55 2013, Evan, HowTo, Computer Scripts / Programs, matplotlibrc 
Message ID: 9318     Entry time: Wed Oct 30 08:32:55 2013     In reply to: 9316
Author: Evan 
Type: HowTo 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: matplotlibrc 

FYI, you can trick out matplotlib by creating a matplotlibrc config file. This allows you to set defaults for plot size, trace color, fonts, grids, etc., analogous to what is achieved in ATF:1840 for Matlab.

Note also that matplotlib supports LaTeX by default (if you have LaTeX installed), which means, for example, that you can include true square roots on your spectral densities:

plt.ylabel('Voltage spectral density (V/$\\sqrt{\\mathrm{Hz}}$)')

Since the backslash is used for escape characters in python, you must escape LaTeX backslashes.

For maximum effect, you can set the following lines in your matplotlibrc file:

text.usetex = True

text.latex.preamble = \usepackage{txfonts}

Then all text and mathematics in your plot will be sent through LaTeX for processing and will appear in Times.

Also, why is the conversion from watts to volts V = 50 * sqrt(W) and not V = sqrt(50 * W)?

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