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Entry  Wed Oct 23 19:14:10 2013, Jenne, Update, PEM, Seismometer status 
    Reply  Sun Oct 27 19:19:42 2013, Den, Update, PEM, Seismometer status TrilliumPlate.PDFGuralpPlate-1_final.pdf
       Reply  Sun Oct 27 23:26:44 2013, rana, Update, PEM, Seismometer status 
Message ID: 9300     Entry time: Sun Oct 27 19:19:42 2013     In reply to: 9269     Reply to this: 9301
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Seismometer status 



Is there anything else that I'm forgetting??  Please reply with thoughts.


 I attach the drawings for Guralp and T-240/STS-2 connector plates. Drawings contain all information about the screws, O-rings and connectors.

Basically, box mounting receptacle for seismometer cable is attached to the connector plate with 6-32 screws. Inside cable should be ~ 1m long and connect the plate with seismometer.

For T-240 realization we have an additional LEMO connector for temperature and pressure monitoring inside the station. We should buy sensors and plug them into some machine with slow controls.

LEMO connector has 9 pins. 4 will be used for temperature and pressure sensors and spare 5 can be used for future ideas.

Also I think it might be better to put two T-240 into isolation stations.




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