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Entry  Thu Aug 1 12:12:35 2013, gautam, Update, CDS, New model for endtable PZTs C1ASX_GDS_TP.png
    Reply  Thu Aug 1 13:09:17 2013, gautam, Update, CDS, New model for endtable PZTs-procedure 
    Reply  Thu Aug 1 15:06:59 2013, jamie, Update, CDS, New model for endtable PZTs 
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    Reply  Thu Aug 1 20:58:56 2013, gautam, Update, CDS, New model for endtable PZTs-MEDM Screens setup MAIN_SCREEN.pdfMATRICES.pdfLOCKINS.pdfCONTROL_FILTERS.pdf
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                      Reply  Mon Aug 12 12:57:59 2013, Jenne, Update, CDS, X-End Green ASS - Roundup 
                         Reply  Mon Aug 12 13:30:33 2013, Jamie, Update, CDS, X-End Green ASS - Roundup 
Message ID: 8950     Entry time: Thu Aug 1 13:09:17 2013     In reply to: 8949
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: New model for endtable PZTs-procedure 


 These are roughly the steps I followed in setting up the new model for the endtable PZT servo - C1ASX.

Simulink model:

I made a SIMULINK model of the servo, using MATLAB R2013a. The path to the model is /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/userapps/release/isc/c1/models/c1asx.mdl. I am listing the parameters set on the CDS_PARAMETERS block:

  • host = c1iscex
  • site = c1
  • rate = 16k
  • dcuid = 44 (which I chose after making sure that this dcuid was not used on this list which was last updated end Feb 2013)
  • specific_cpu = 5 (again chosen after checking the available CPUs in the above list).
  • adc_Slave = 1
  • shmem_daq = 1
  • no_rfm_dma = 1
  • biquad = 1


Making, Compiling and Installing the Model:

After saving the model, I ssh-ed into c1iscex and ran the following commands:

rtcds make c1asx - this gave me a whole bunch of errors initially, which I tracked down to a naming problem in some of the from and goto flags: there should not be any spaces.

rtcds install c1asx 

rtcds start c1asx - this gave me an error which said something like 'can't start/stop model.' Koji pointed out that given that a new model is being started, there is an additional step involved, which is to add the model name to the rtsystab file (this is located at /diskless/root/etc/rtsystab on framebuilder, and is mirrored in the various computers. It would be advisable to make sure that the changes are mirrored in the corresponding file on the computer in which the new model is being installed). 

After adding the model name to the rtsystab file, I tried running rtcds start c1asx again. This time, no errors were output, but the model was not up and running as verified by looking at the C1:ASX_GDS_TP medm screen.


Koji suggested making a simple model (1 CDS parameters block, 1 ADC block and 2 filter modules, appropriately terminated) and see if that starts up, which it did. I then tried adding my servo minus the DAC block and recompiled and restarted the model. This too worked fine. I figured that the next logical step would be to add the DAC block to the model, and restart the model. But when I tried this, c1iscex crashed .

Jenne helped in restoring things to a working state (we reverted the c1asx model to just 2 filter modules, and went to the X-end and restarted the computer. This did not work the first time so I went back in and restarted it again, at which point we were able to ssh into c1iscex again and restart the four models running on it).

Since Manasa and Koji were working on getting things set up for the pumpdown,I did not try anything again till later in the evening, when Koji helped in debugging the problem further. In the meantime, at Jenne' suggestion, I made the model once again in MATLAB R2010b. In the evening, when I tried restarting the model, Koji suggested that the DAC channels in c1asx may be used by other models, at which point I realised I had set up excitation points on channels 8 through 15 of the DAC in c1scx (detailed here) in order to test the hardware at 1X9. I removed the excitation points from channels 8-11 of the DAC block in c1scx (these are the ones used in c1asx), and recompiled and restarted c1asx (using the above sequence of commands). I then tried recompiling and starting c1asx once more, and this time, it worked . At least, the GDS_TP screen suggests that the model is running alright, except for the fact that some computer generated channels seem to be missing. This problem is unresolved for now, and probably has something to do with the fact that C1ASX channels do not appear in Dataviewer.

I do not think this has to do with restarting framebuilder (I did the usual telnel fb 8088 followed by shutdown). In any case, I have added the new model to the CDS_FE_STATUS screen, and will continue to debug the same. I have also got a template medm screen (work in progress) which I will elog about soon as I get it done.


Note to self: There are 4 more excitation channels still hooked up to the DAC (channels 12-15) in the c1scx model. I plan to remove these and put them in c1asx.


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