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Entry  Wed Jul 3 11:07:17 2013, Alex, Summary, , Photodetector Characterization BBPD_PCB.pdftransimpedance_measurement.pdf
    Reply  Wed Jul 3 14:33:46 2013, Koji, Summary, LSC, Test result for the REFL165 photodetector REFL165_response_130702.pdf
Message ID: 8795     Entry time: Wed Jul 3 11:07:17 2013     Reply to this: 8797
Author: Alex 
Type: Summary 
Subject: Photodetector Characterization 

 [Alex, Koji]

We characterized Koji's BBPD MOD for REFL165 (see attachment).

First, we calibrated the Agilent 4395 Network Analyzer (NA) to account for differences in cable features between the Ref PD and Test PD connections. This was done using the 'Cal' softkey on the NA. 

Then we performed transimpedance measurements for the test PD and reference PD relative to the RF output of the NA and relative to each other (see 2nd attachment. Note that the NA's RF output is split and sent to both the IR Laser and the NA's Ref input).

Next, we made DC measurements of the outputs of the photodetectors to estimate the photocurrent distribution of the transimpedance setup (like the 2nd attachment, but with the outputs of the PDs going to a multimeter). By photocurrent distribution, we mean how the beamsplitter and respective quantum efficiencies/generalized impedance/etc. of the PDs influence how much current flows through each PD at with a DC input.

Finally, we measured the output noise as a function of photocurrent (like the 2nd attachment, but with a lightbulb instead of the IR Laser). Input voltages for the lightbulb ranged from 0mV to 6V. Data was downloaded from the NA using netgpibdata from the scripts directory. Analysis is currently in progress; graphs to come soon.


Attachment 1: BBPD_PCB.pdf  64 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: transimpedance_measurement.pdf  18 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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