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Message ID: 8718     Entry time: Tue Jun 18 18:24:07 2013
Author: Manasa 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC WFS turned OFF 

[Jenne, Jamie, Manasa]

Jamie was working on the MC guardian today (I think he will elog about this soon).

After this, I received the MC locked in TEM00 with MC_REFL at ~2.5 counts from Jamie. Usually the WFS would do their job in this case to bring MC to a good locking condition and since this did not happen, I figured out that something was wrong with the MC_WFS.

What we did:

1. The WFS were turned off. 

2. As a first step, we wanted to run the WFS_OFFSET script (Koji's elog) which requires MC to be locked with MC_REFL<0.5 and spot positions centered. The autolocker was disabled and MC locked manually to MC_REFL<0.5. 

3. While running the WFS_OFFSETS script, Jamie pointed out that the inputs to the WFS servo had been turned off. After the WFS_OFFSET script finished running we turned ON the WFS inputs. 

4. Following this, the MC was relocked manually and MC spot positions were measured (all spot positions were decentered by < 2 mm). 

5. We ran the WFS_OFFSET script again and turned the WFS back ON. But this would still kick the MC out of lock. 

Status: MC is locked with WFS turned OFF. Jamie will be looking through what changes he had made earlier today to fix this problem. 


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