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Entry  Tue May 28 17:00:50 2013, Jenne, Update, ASC, Proposed POP path, to be installed this evening CurrentPOPpath.pdfProposedPOPpath.pdf
    Reply  Thu May 30 17:18:58 2013, Jenne, Update, ASC, New POP path 
       Reply  Sat Jun 1 14:14:56 2013, Jenne, Update, ASC, New POP path POX_table_30May2013progress.pdfPOP_QPD_lensSolution.png
          Reply  Fri Jun 14 03:10:40 2013, Jenne, Update, ASC, New POP path - PDs in place, need cabling 
             Reply  Fri Jun 14 17:54:11 2013, Jenne, Update, ASC, New POP path - cabling work 
             Reply  Wed Jun 19 22:02:03 2013, Jenne, Update, ASC, New POP path - ready to try 
Message ID: 8663     Entry time: Sat Jun 1 14:14:56 2013     In reply to: 8658     Reply to this: 8707
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: ASC 
Subject: New POP path 

I have a lens solution for the new POP QPD, plotted below.  To get the beam size, I started with the waist at the ITM, so the out of vacuum table starts around 6 meters on this plot.  Also, "PD" is the QPD, but the position marked on the plot is the maximum distance from the 2nd lens.  In reality, I will place it a few cm after the lens.  Once I've got that laid out, I'll move the 110PD (and its lens) and the camera around so that they are in good spots relative to the beam size.


Here is a photo of the way I left the table last Thursday.  The notations in orange indicate what I need to do to make the actual table match my lens solution.



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