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Entry  Tue May 14 20:30:29 2013, Jamie, Summary, IOO, MC error spectrum at various FSS gain settings. 7x
    Reply  Thu May 16 01:41:31 2013, Jenne, Summary, IOO, FSS gain settings set 
Message ID: 8587     Entry time: Thu May 16 01:41:31 2013     In reply to: 8575
Author: Jenne 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: FSS gain settings set 


I'm not sure yet what this points to as the best gain settings.  We can of course explore more of the space.  I'm going to leave it at 13/23.5, which leaves the PC RMS at ~1.5 and the FAST Monitor at ~6.0.

 I changed the value of the nominal FSS common gain in the PSL Settings screen (It's called the 'FSS global gain' there).  To get to this screen:  sitemap -> PSL_main -> PSL_settings.  The MC autolocker reads these settings from the screen and uses those values.  Now the FSS returns to this value of 13 that Jamie has chosen.  For the past few days, it's been going back to the old value of 10.1 .  The FAST gain was already set to this 23.5 value.

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