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Entry  Tue May 14 19:52:58 2013, Riju, Configuration, RF System, PD frequency response IMG_0520.JPGIMG_0521.JPG
    Reply  Wed May 15 08:29:28 2013, Steve, Configuration, RF System, fiber protection at splitter box area fiberprotect.jpg
Message ID: 8573     Entry time: Tue May 14 19:52:58 2013     Reply to this: 8578
Author: Riju 
Type: Configuration 
Category: RF System 
Subject: PD frequency response 

 [Eric, Riju, Annalisa]

Today we have cleared up the fiber spool near AP table. We have put the 1x16 fiber splitter and a box (we made two openings on it) for fiber spool on a different part of the rack. Also put a plastic tubing or the fibers coming out of AP table. Now the fibers coming out from AP table and also from POX table first enter the box through one opening and the end of the fibers come out of the other opening to get connected to to splitter. Photographs of the work are attached. I don't think enough fiber is there to make a similar loop for fiber coming from POY table.



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