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Message ID: 8506     Entry time: Mon Apr 29 17:26:22 2013
Author: Riju 
Type: Configuration 
Category: RF System 
Subject: PD frequency response 

 Today I have rerouted the fibers on AP table to remove the fiber rolls out of the AP table.  I removed the fibers one by one from both ends - from the 1x16 splitter and from the AP table - keeping the fiber roll intact, and then connected it in reverse way, i.e. the fiber end which was on AP table now is connected to the splitter (since length of the outside the roll is shorter that side) and the fiber end connected to splitter is now rerouted on AP table.

We need to keep the fibers in such a fashion so that no sharp bending occurs anywhere, and also it does not get strained due to its weight, particularly near the 1x16 splitter. Jenne suggested to use a plastic box over the splitter rack to keep the fiber rolls for time-being. We discussed a lot how this can be done nicely; in future we may use array of hooks, Koji suggested to use cable hangers and to tie the rolls using more than one hanging point, Jenne suggested to use the bottom shelf of the rack or to use one plastic box with holes. We tried to make holes on the plastic box using drill, but it developed crack on the box. So ultimately I used the opened box only and put it over the rack.

The corresponding photographs are attached herewith.

Tomorrow we will reroute the fibers for POX table.  

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