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Entry  Mon Apr 15 16:10:52 2013, Den, Update, PEM, seismometer isolation kit  
    Reply  Thu Apr 18 15:08:14 2013, Steve, Update, PEM, seismometer isolation kit in place grouting1.jpggrouting2.jpggrouting3.jpggrouting4.png
       Reply  Tue Apr 23 16:17:45 2013, Den, Update, PEM, seismometer isolation kit in place Base.pdf.pdfConnectorPlate.pdf
Message ID: 8477     Entry time: Tue Apr 23 16:17:45 2013     In reply to: 8461
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: seismometer isolation kit in place 



 The carpenter shop finished the installation of the 3 granite bases.Rapid Set Cement All high strength non-shrink grout was used.

 Compressive strength  3000 PSI at 1 hour and 9000 PSI at day 28 The janitor is still cleaning up after them at the south end.

The  soft silicon gas kits are working well with the SS can.  Den is making  the adaptor plate drawing for the feedthrough.

 To put everything in one place I add a final drawing of the base to this elog.

 Next time we continue with wiring and putting temperature and pressure sensors inside the box. Connector support plate drawing is attached. We'll have sensors inside the kit with STS-2 or Trillium as their connector is small enough (19 pin vs 26 pin for Guralps) that we can put an additional 4 pin lemo connecor (2 pins for each sensor). I think EGG.0B.304.CLL is good for this application. Temperature and pressure sensor we can by from omega.

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