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Message ID: 8414     Entry time: Thu Apr 4 13:39:12 2013
Author: Max Horton 
Type: Update 
Category: Summary Pages 
Subject: Graph Limits 

Graph Limits: The limits on graphs have been problematic.  They often reflect too large of a range of values, usually because of dropouts in data collection.  Thus, they do not provide useful information because the important information is washed out by the large limits on the graph.  For example, the graph below shows data over an unnecessarily large range, because of the dropout in the 300-1000Hz pressure values.

Time series data from frames

The limits on the graphs can be modified using the config file found in /40m-summary/share/c1_summary_page.ini.  At the entry for the appropriate graph, change the amplitude-lim=y1,y2 line by setting y1 to the desired lower limit and y2 to the desired upper limit.  For example, I changed the amplitude limits on the above graph to amplitude-lim=.001,1, and achieved the following graph.

Time series data from frames

The limits could be tightened further to improve clarity - this is easily done by modifying the config file.  I modified the config file for all the 2D plots to improve the bounds.  However, on some plots, I wasn't sure what bounds were appropriate or what range of values we were interested in, so I will have to ask someone to find out.

Next:  I now want to fix all the funny little problems with the site, such as scroll bars appearing where they should not appear, and graphs only plotting until 6PM.  In order to do this most effectively, I need to restructure the code and factor it into several files.  Otherwise, the code will not only be much harder to edit, but will become more and more confusing as I add on to it, compounding the problems that we currently have (i.e. that this code isn't very well documented and nobody knows how it works).  We need lots of specific documentation on what exactly is happening before too many changes are made.  Take the config files, for example.  Someone put a lot of work into them, but we need a README specifying which options are supported for which types of graphs, etc.  So we are slowed down because I have to figure out what is going on before I make small changes.

To fix this, I will divide the code into three main sectors.  The division of labor will be:
- Sector 1: Figure out what the user wants (i.e. read config files, create a ConfigParser, etc...)
- Sector 2: Process the data and generate the plots based on what the user wants
- Sector 3: Generate the HTML

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