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Message ID: 8342     Entry time: Mon Mar 25 18:58:09 2013
Author: Albert Yang 
Type: Update 
Category: optical tables 
Subject: Optical Table Toolboxes 

For those of you who spend annoying amounts of time looking for tools, fear no more. Toolboxes for each optical table are coming!

They will probably have:

IR Viewer (a few optical tables will have IR viewers, these specific tables will be labeled in the diagram coming out later)

IR Card

Ball screw drivers (3/16 in.) 6-8 in. handle

SMA Wrench

Allen Keys


Various Connectors (I'll find out what's needed at some point)

Zip Ties

Small flat screwdrivers (for adjusting camera gains)


Please suggest what else may be needed in these boxes.

The boxes will be held to the side of the tables, either by magnets or screws. A diagram of where they will be placed on each optical table in order to minimize obstruction of walkways will be distributed soon. Any objections can then be noted.

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