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Message ID: 8299     Entry time: Fri Mar 15 02:14:27 2013
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Simulink linking to wrong library part 

Jamie and I discovered a problem with Matlab/Simulink earlier today. 

In the end suspension models, there is a subblock (with top_names) for ALS stuff.  Inside there, we use a library part called "ALS_END".  When the model was created, it included the part ...../userapps/release/isc/c1/models/ALS_END.mdl .  However, if you open up the c1scy diagram and look in the ALS block for this part, you see the part that is in ..../userapps/release/isc/common/models/ALS_END.mdl .  Note the difference - the one we want is in the c1 directory, while the one that was created (by Jamie) for the LHO One Arm Test is in the common directory. 

If you compile the c1scy model, the RCG is using the correct library part, so the information regarding which part we want is still in there. 

However, if you delete the ALS_END part from the model, put the correct one in, save, close, then reopen the model, it once again displays the wrong model.  The right click "go to library part" option brings you to the library part that is displayed, which is currently the wrong one.  THIS IS BAD, since we could start modifying the wrong things.  You do get a warning by Matlab about the file being "shadowed", so we should take heed when we see that warning, and make sure we are getting the file we want.

We are currently running Matlab version, which is r2010b.  Step 1 will be to update Matlab to the latest version, in hopes that this fixes things.  We also should change the name of our c1 part, so that it does not have the same name as the one for the sites.  This is not a great solution since we can't guarantee that we will never choose the same names as other sites, but it will at least fix this one case.  Again, if you see the warning about "shadowed" filenames, pay attention.

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