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Entry  Thu Aug 7 10:07:13 2008, Yoichi, Update, SUS, Free swinging OSEM spectra FreeSwingSpectra.pdf
    Reply  Thu Aug 7 10:27:59 2008, rana, Update, SUS, Free swinging OSEM spectra 
Message ID: 808     Entry time: Thu Aug 7 10:27:59 2008     In reply to: 807
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Free swinging OSEM spectra 
Sometimes we see extra peaks in the OSEM spectra coming from a beat between the regular eigenmodes.
This probably comes from the OSEM shadow sensor not being entirely linear - the nonlinearity is
greatly increased if the magnet is not perfectly centered in the LED beam. So the beats are
probably there at some level in all of them; usually below the noise.
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