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Entry  Thu Jan 24 16:31:46 2013, Steve, Update, PEM, building exterier wall painted IMG_1880.JPG
    Reply  Tue Feb 5 09:08:11 2013, Steve, Update, PEM, exterier doors to be painted IMG_0055.JPG
       Reply  Wed Feb 6 15:05:18 2013, Steve, Update, SAFETY, cameras must be anchord IMG_0070_1.JPGIMG_0069_1.JPG
       Reply  Wed Feb 6 15:10:22 2013, Steve, Update, PEM, new safety signs on exterier doors IMG_0068.JPG
Message ID: 8009     Entry time: Wed Feb 6 15:05:18 2013     In reply to: 7999
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: SAFETY 
Subject: cameras must be anchord 

Cameras must be immediately anchord to avoid a possible collusion with the view port !

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Attachment 2: IMG_0069_1.JPG  1.708 MB  | Hide | Hide all
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