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Message ID: 7977     Entry time: Thu Jan 31 15:56:38 2013
Author: Riju 
Type: Update 
Subject: Photodiode transimpedance 

Summary: Measurement and plot of shot-noise-intercept-current for PDA10CF. 

Motivation:It is to measure the shot noise intercept current for PDA10CF.

Result: The final plot is attached here. The plot suggests that the value of shot-noise-intercept current is 0.21mA


The plot is for the measured data of Noise voltage (V/sqrt(Hz)) vs DCcurrent(A). The fitted plot to this measured data follows the noise equation

Vnoise = gdet* sqrt[ 2e (iDC+idet)] ,  where gdet= transimpedance of the PD in RF region as described in manual of PDA255 (i.e. 5e3 when it is not in High-impedance region).

To get an approximate idea of the shot noise intercept current, we may follow the same procedure described in 7946 

In the present case dark-noise is 4.3e-08 V/sqrt(Hz)

Therefore dark current(in2) ~dark noise voltage/RF transimpedance = 8.6pA/sqrt(Hz)



Therefore the approximate shot noise intercept current ~ (8.6/18)^2=0.22mA

This value matches well with the fitted data.

From PDA10CF manual, NEP=1.2e-11W/sqrt(Hz) and responsivity~0.9A/W. Therefore the noise current level will be ~10pA.



Attachment 1: shotnoiseinterceptpda10cf.pdf  6 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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