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Entry  Wed Jan 30 14:00:02 2013, Charles, Update, ISS, ISS Design and Prototyping ISS.filISS_Transfer_Function.pngD020241-D2.pdf
    Reply  Wed Jan 30 14:37:01 2013, Zach, Update, ISS, ISS Design and Prototyping Screen_Shot_2013-01-30_at_4.22.46_PM.png
Message ID: 7964     Entry time: Wed Jan 30 14:00:02 2013     Reply to this: 7965
Author: Charles 
Type: Update 
Category: ISS 
Subject: ISS Design and Prototyping 

Attached are both the circuit diagram and the liso formatted *.fil for the main branch of the ISS, as well as the resulting transfer function when analyzed. Unfortunately, as noted in the file, not all of the elements are possible to analyze in liso, such as any type of op-amp with more than two inputs and one output (AD602 used in this design has 16 pins with two distinct amplifiers contained within).

I have begun prototyping this circuit on a breadboard.

Attachment 1: ISS.fil  2 kB  | Hide | Hide all
## ISS Main Branch
## All circuit elements are named according to the circuit diagram 
## "D020241-D2.pdf" by R. Abbott.

# Stages are separated by empty lines and elements between stages are
# also separated by empty lines for easy file navigation
# Before the first stage there is a 'fully differentiable' op-amp
# that I believe serves to isolate the device from the power supply
# However, liso does not have the capability to analyze such an op-amp,
... 79 more lines ...
Attachment 2: ISS_Transfer_Function.png  21 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 3: D020241-D2.pdf  1.046 MB  | Hide | Hide all
D020241-D2.pdf D020241-D2.pdf D020241-D2.pdf
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