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Entry  Wed Jan 16 10:57:37 2013, tara, Summary, IOO, Noise budget for MC mc_nb_TN.pngmc_nb_TN.pngmc_nb_TN.figMC_nb.m.zipmc_nb_TN_2013_01_18.png
    Reply  Wed Jan 16 19:08:51 2013, Koji, Summary, IOO, Noise budget for MC 
       Reply  Thu Jan 17 01:27:54 2013, Tara(?), Summary, IOO, Noise budget for MC 
Message ID: 7911     Entry time: Thu Jan 17 01:27:54 2013     In reply to: 7908
Author: Tara(?) 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Noise budget for MC 


I missed the point.
Do you mean that we can measure the coating thermal noise of the ref cav at the 40m as the IMC is quiet enough?

 Yes, it should be. However, what I did was calculating thermal noise of MC. I'm not sure about the 40m IMC's actual noise level. The plot in the entry was taken from LLO's MC in 2003.

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