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Entry  Wed Jan 16 10:57:37 2013, tara, Summary, IOO, Noise budget for MC mc_nb_TN.pngmc_nb_TN.pngmc_nb_TN.figMC_nb.m.zipmc_nb_TN_2013_01_18.png
    Reply  Wed Jan 16 19:08:51 2013, Koji, Summary, IOO, Noise budget for MC 
       Reply  Thu Jan 17 01:27:54 2013, Tara(?), Summary, IOO, Noise budget for MC 
Message ID: 7908     Entry time: Wed Jan 16 19:08:51 2013     In reply to: 7904     Reply to this: 7911
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Noise budget for MC 

I missed the point.
Do you mean that we can measure the coating thermal noise of the ref cav at the 40m as the IMC is quiet enough?

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