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Entry  Thu Jan 3 20:34:43 2013, Riju, Update, , Photodiode transimpedance 
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       Reply  Tue Jan 8 14:07:04 2013, Riju, Update, Electronics, Photodiode transimpedance 
          Reply  Tue Jan 8 15:28:41 2013, Riju, Update, Electronics, Photodiode transimpedance analyzernoiseV.pdf
Message ID: 7874     Entry time: Thu Jan 3 20:34:43 2013     Reply to this: 7875
Author: Riju 
Type: Update 
Subject: Photodiode transimpedance 

Today I have measured the transimpedance and dark-noise of the MC-REFL PD.

For transimpedance measurement I first collected the data of the reference Newfocus PD connecting it at channel B of Network-analyzer using the set-up of Jenne's laser. The data for the MC-REFL PD had been collected by connecting it to the A channel of Network Analyzer. To do that I shifted the Jenne's Laser to the table of MC-REFL PD, I moved the laser output on the table and fixed a lens and a mirror on the table. Taking the ratio of the two sets of datas I got the required trans-impedance.

Dark-noise readings were taken keeping the laser off.

I will upload the corresponding plots tomorrow.

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