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Entry  Wed Jul 30 16:35:56 2008, Eric, Update, PSL, PMC Scan Graphs PMCLongScanPeak.tiffPMCLongScanWide.tiffPMCShortScanPeak.tiffPMCShortScanWide.tiff
    Reply  Thu Jul 31 10:27:17 2008, rana, Update, PSL, PMC Scan Graphs 
Message ID: 772     Entry time: Wed Jul 30 16:35:56 2008     Reply to this: 775
Author: Eric 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PMC Scan Graphs 
Graphs of the PMC scan data that I got earlier today.

PMCLongScanWide.tiff shows the transmission intensity and PZT voltage plotted against time for a longer scan of the PMC (~120 seconds for one sweep).

PMCLongScanPeak.tiff is the same scan zoomed in on the primary peak. This scan was done with the laser power at around 1/3 its original value. However, scans done at around 1/6 the original value have peaks that are just as messy.

PMCShortScanWide.tiff shows the intensity and voltage for a more rapid scan (~30 second for one sweep). The black lines show how the peak positions are at very different PZT voltages (a difference of ~10 volts in both cases).

PMCShortScanPeak.tiff is zoomed in on the primary peak. The peak is much cleaner than for the long scan (less time for the laser's heat to expand the mirror?), though it is likely still too messy to reliably fit to a lorentzian.
Attachment 1: PMCLongScanPeak.tiff  43 kB
Attachment 2: PMCLongScanWide.tiff  49 kB
Attachment 3: PMCShortScanPeak.tiff  37 kB
Attachment 4: PMCShortScanWide.tiff  52 kB
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