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Entry  Wed Jul 30 13:14:03 2008, Koji, Summary, IOO, History of the MC abs length MC_length.png
    Reply  Wed Jul 30 15:12:08 2008, rana, Summary, IOO, History of the MC abs length 
Message ID: 770     Entry time: Wed Jul 30 15:12:08 2008     In reply to: 768
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: History of the MC abs length 
> I was notified by Rob and Rana that there were many measurements of the MC abs length (i.e. modulation
> frequencies for the IFO.) between 2002 and now.

I will just add that I think that the Marconi/IFR has always been off by ~150-200 Hz
in that the frequency measured by the GPS locked frequency counter is different from
what's reported by the Marconi's front panel. We should, in the future, clearly indicate
which display is being used.
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