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Entry  Mon Nov 12 09:21:10 2012, Steve, Update, VAC, pumpdown has started beforepd.pngIMG_1800.JPGIMG_1801.JPG
    Reply  Mon Nov 12 16:52:03 2012, Steve, Update, VAC, pumpdown has completed pd74.pngpd74at8h.png
       Reply  Tue Nov 13 08:34:11 2012, Steve, Summary, VAC, pumpdown after 24days at atmosphere pd74d1.png24datm.pngpdd1.png
          Reply  Tue Nov 27 09:44:09 2012, Steve, Update, VAC, pumpdown at 15 days pd74m15d.pngpd74m15d_rga1d.png
          Reply  Tue Dec 18 16:37:40 2012, Steve, Update, VAC, last RGA scan before vent pd74m36d.png36d_vacuum_normal.png
Message ID: 7697     Entry time: Mon Nov 12 16:52:03 2012     In reply to: 7696     Reply to this: 7703
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: pumpdown has completed 

 The pressure is CC1 3e-4 Torr at 8 hours of pumping.  Status: vacuum normal

The IFO is ready for light


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