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Entry  Mon Oct 15 22:24:45 2012, Jenne, Update, Computers, Lots of new White :( 
    Reply  Wed Oct 17 19:35:58 2012, Koji, Update, Computers, Re: Lots of new White :( 
       Reply  Thu Oct 18 08:00:40 2012, jamie, Update, Computers, Re: Lots of new White :( 
Message ID: 7552     Entry time: Mon Oct 15 22:24:45 2012     Reply to this: 7570
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Lots of new White :( 

Evan and I are starting to lock, and there is lots of new, unfortunate white stuff on several different screens.

C1:TIM-PACIFIC_STRING is gone, C1:IFO-STATE (MC state) is gone, C1:LSC-PZT..._requests are gone (all 4 of them), C1:PSL-FSS_FASTSWEEPTEST from the FSS screen is gone (although I'm not sure that that one is newly gone), lots of the WF AA lights on the LSC screen are gone.

Those are the things I find in a few minutes of not really looking around.

EDIT:  IPPOS is also gone, so I can't see how my current alignment relates to old alignments.

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