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Entry  Wed Oct 10 19:22:03 2012, jamie, Update, IOO, Added control for input tip-tilts to c1ass 2012-10-10-185707_566x330_scrot.png2012-10-10-191013_470x277_scrot.png
    Reply  Thu Oct 11 12:11:23 2012, jamie, Update, IOO, c1ass with new DAC0 output has been recompiled/install/restarted 
       Reply  Mon Oct 15 20:45:58 2012, jamie, Update, IOO, c1lsc DAC0 now connected to tip-tilt SOS DW boards 20121015_190340.png
          Reply  Tue Oct 16 00:08:26 2012, Den, Update, IOO, c1lsc DAC0 now connected to tip-tilt SOS DW boards DSC_4748.JPG
             Reply  Tue Oct 16 20:40:06 2012, Den, Update, IOO, c1lsc DAC0 now connected to tip-tilt SOS DW boards DSC_4749.JPGDSC_4755.JPG
Message ID: 7550     Entry time: Mon Oct 15 20:45:58 2012     In reply to: 7531     Reply to this: 7553
Author: jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: c1lsc DAC0 now connected to tip-tilt SOS DW boards 

The tip-tile SOS dewhite/AI boards are now connected to the digital system.


I put together a chassis for one of our space DAC -> IDC interface boards (maybe our last?).  A new SCSI cable now runs from DAC0 in the c1lsc IO chassis in 1Y3, to the DAC interface chassis in 1Y2.

Two homemade ribbon cables go directly from the IDC outputs of the interface chassis to the 66 pin connectors on the backplane of the Eurocrate.  They do not go through the cross-connects, cause cross-connects are stupid.  They go to directly to the lower connectors for slots 1 and 3, which are the slots for the SOS DW/AI boards.  I had to custom make these cables, or course, and it was only slightly tricky to get the correct pins to line up.  I should probably document the cable pin outs.

  • cable 0:  IDC0 on interface chassis (DAC channels 0-7) ---> Eurocrate slot 0 (TT1/TT2)
  • cable 1:  IDC1 on interface chassis (DAC channels 8-15)---> Eurocrate slot 2 (TT3/TT4)

As reported in a previous log in this thread, I added control logic to the c1ass front-end model for the tip-tilts.  I extended it to include TT_CONTROL (model part) for TT3 and TT4 as well, so we're now using all channels of DAC0 in c1lsc for TT control.

I tested all channels by stepping through values in EPICS and reading the monitor and SMA outputs of the DW/AI boards.  The channels all line up correctly.  A full 32k count output of a DAC channel results in 10V output of the DW/AI boards.  All channels checked out, with a full +-10V swing on their output with a full +-32k count swing of the DAC outputs.

   We're using SN 1 and 2 of the SOS DW/AI boards (seriously!)

The output channels look ok, and not too noisy.

Tomorrow I'll get new SMA cables to connect the DW/AI outputs to the coil driver boards, and I'll start testing the coil driver outputs.

As a reminder:  https://wiki-40m.ligo.caltech.edu/Suspensions/Tip_Tilts_IO


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