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Entry  Fri Sep 14 01:18:51 2012, rana, Update, COC, 2 Layout Changes 
    Reply  Mon Sep 17 18:04:01 2012, Steve, Update, COC, 2 Layout Changes IMG_1635.JPG
    Reply  Wed Oct 10 08:36:47 2012, Steve, Update, COC, special mirror mounts holder 10101201.PDF
Message ID: 7385     Entry time: Fri Sep 14 01:18:51 2012     Reply to this: 7398   7517
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: COC 
Subject: 2 Layout Changes 

After looking at the in-vacuum layout I think we should make two changes during the next vent:

1) Reduce the number of mirrors between the FI and its camera. We install a large silvered mirror in the vacuum flange which holds the Faraday cam (in the inside of the viewport). That points directly at the input to the Faraday. We get to remove all of the steering mirror junk on the IO stack.

2) Take the Faraday output (IFO REFL) out onto the little table holding the BS and PRM Oplevs. We then relocate all 4 of the REFL RFPDs as well as the REFL OSA and the REFL camera onto this table. This will reduce the path length from the FI REFL port to the diodes and reduce the beam clutter on the AS table.

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