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Entry  Fri Sep 7 15:58:29 2012, Rijuparna Chakraborty, Update, , cavitymode scan 
    Reply  Fri Sep 7 17:37:16 2012, Jenne, Update, , cavitymode scan 
       Reply  Sat Sep 8 00:15:57 2012, Rijuparna Chakraborty, Update, , cavitymode scan 
Message ID: 7368     Entry time: Sat Sep 8 00:15:57 2012     In reply to: 7366
Author: Rijuparna Chakraborty 
Type: Update 
Subject: cavitymode scan 



 IMC transmission photodiode has been aligned.

 Which PD?  The 'regular' DC one, or the newer one?  Why did it need realigning?  What mirrors did you touch to do the alignment?

Did you do anything else in the last 3 days?  I want to see ALL the gory details, because it can help people doing future measurements, or help us debug if something is wrong with the interferometer later.


 No, not the "regular DC one", the "newer one"  along with the controls of the corresponding mirror only i touched.

It needed to be realigned cause last week when we fitted a longer cable there, which may reach the network analyzer, it got misaligned since it got touched.

No other component in that box except that PD and the corresponding mirror controls I touched.

For my last 2 days work, I feel my last elog is reliable.

Today other than doing this, I checked for the higher order modes of the cavity, misaligning one of the MC mirror though the software only. I didn't mention it in my elog cause although I saw the presence of the higher order modes I didn't record it, so I can not upload any picture in support of such a statement.


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