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Entry  Tue Sep 4 20:03:38 2012, Jenne, Update, General, in-vac progress 
    Reply  Tue Sep 4 20:20:47 2012, jamie, Update, General, problematic tip-tilts 
Message ID: 7341     Entry time: Tue Sep 4 20:20:47 2012     In reply to: 7338
Author: jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: problematic tip-tilts 


We clearly need a better plan for adjusting the tip tilts in pitch, because utilizing their hysteresis is ridiculous.  Koji and Steve are thinking up a set of options, but so far it seems as though all of those options should wait for our next "big" vent.  So for now, we have just done alignment by poking the tip tilt.

Tomorrow, we want to open up the MC doors, open up ETMY, and look to see where the beam is on the optic.  I am concerned that the hysteresis will relax over a long ( >1hour ) time scale, and we'll loose our pointing.  After that, we should touch the table enough to trip the BS, PRM optics, since Koji is concerned that perhaps the tip tilt will move in an earthquake.  Jamie mentioned that he had to poke the tip tilt a pretty reasonable amount to get it to change a noticeable amount at ETMY, so we suspect that an earthquake won't be a problem, but we will check anyway.

 I'm very unhappy with the tip-tilts right now.  The amount of hysteresis is ridiculous.  I have no confidence that they will stay pointing wherever we point them.  It's true I poked the top more than it would normally move, but I don't actually believe it wouldn't move in an earthquake.  Given how much hysteresis we're seeing, I expect it will just drift on it's own and we'll loose good pointing again.

And as a reminder, IPPOS/ANG don't help us here before the tip-tilts are in the PRC after the IP pointing sensors.

I think we need to look seriously at possible solutions to eliminate or at least reduce the hysteresis, by either adding weight, or thinner wire, or something.

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