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Message ID: 7319     Entry time: Thu Aug 30 17:03:32 2012
Author: janosch, Manasa, Steve 
Type: Update 
Subject: ETMX 

The baffle has been moved away from ETMX towards the edge of the table (in fact, it is a little beyond the edge). It is also rotated so that its long edge is horizontal. In this way it was possible to center the baffle hole with respect to the optical axis, but also make it possible that the camera looks over the baffle.

We have tried to get an alignment beam from view port -> ETMX pick-off ->ITMX-> back to EX. This work was pretty much unsuccessful though. We could see the green laser scattering around ITMX, but there was no good way to know when the beam hit ITMX. So tomorrow we will find a better way to check where the beam is hitting at ITMX and finish the alignment of the scattering pick-off mirror.

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