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Entry  Wed Aug 22 15:47:34 2012, jamie, Summary, General, vent prepartion for fast-track vent 
    Reply  Thu Aug 23 10:38:12 2012, Steve, Update, General, vent prepartion for fast-track vent 
    Reply  Fri Aug 24 14:46:08 2012, Jenne, Summary, General, Detailed alignment plan 
Message ID: 7271     Entry time: Fri Aug 24 14:46:08 2012     In reply to: 7249
Author: Jenne 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: Detailed alignment plan 

Friday / pre-vent:

[done] Align the MC mirrors for the incident beam so that the mirrors can be the alignment reference [Koji]

[in progress] Center spots on MC mirrors [Jenne]

Put beam attenuator optics (PBS + waveplate) on PSL table, realign input beam to MC mirror centers

[In progress] See if we can design a set of nuts and bolts to use at bottom of tiptilt optic ring, to do small adjustments of pitch alignment [Steve]

After doors open:

Use CCD (Watek, with AGC on) to take images of everything we can think of, to see current status of clipping

Check that we get through the Faraday without clipping

Move PZT1 and MMT mirrors to get good spot positions on PR3, PR2.  Make sure we're clearing the Faraday's housing

Install dichroic optics, perhaps completely readjust pitch alignment of those tiptilts (we will measure the spares later, and call that good enough for our phase mapping).

Use some kind of oplev setup to check pitch alignment of PR2, PR3.

Tweak (if necessary) PR2 & PR3 pitch to go through center of PRM, BS, hit center of ITMY

Check that we're not clipping on the BS cage anywhere

Use CCD to take images with Sensoray of everything we can think of, to confirm we don't have clipping anywhere.  Want to see the edges of the beam on the targets, which would mean that the beam is hitting the center of the optic.  If necessary, we'll stay open an extra day to get good camera images everywhere, so we have a good record of what's going on inside.

Note:  While having good arm alignment would be good, we're willing to sacrifice some arm alignment to have good DRMI alignment, since we're re-venting and installing the new active tiptilts in another month or so. 

Things I'm leaving for Jamie-the-Vent-Czar to plan:

Order of door opening

Beam dump assembly and placement


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