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Message ID: 7097     Entry time: Mon Aug 6 20:27:59 2012
Author: Jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: Simulations 
Subject: More work on getting simplant models running: c1lsp and c1sup 

I'm trying to get more of the simplant models running so that we (me and Sasha Surf) can get a full real-time cavity simplant running.  As I reported last week, c1spx is running again on c1iscex.

The two new simplant models are c1sup, which holds the simplant for ITMX, and c1lsp, which holds the IFO simplant, specifically the one we're working on for XARM.

Here's the relevant info:

model  host     dcuid  cpu
c1spx  c1iscex  61     4
c1sup  c1sus    62     6
c1lsp  c1lsc    60     6

c1spx and c1sup will be running the sus_single_plant parts for ETMX and ITMX simplant.  All the simplant suspension channels will be names "SUP" (as opposed to "SUS" for control).

c1lsp is now running, but c1sup won't run for unknown reasons.  The c1sup model is not very complicated, and in fact is more-or-less identical to c1spx.  It compiles and installs and even loads, but it completely unresponsive after loading.  Unfortunately I've had enough CDS bullshit for today, so I'll try to figure out what's going on tomorrow.

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