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Entry  Sat Jul 7 16:34:41 2012, Masha, Update, PEM, PEM no longer freaking out (as much).  Masha.png
    Reply  Sat Jul 7 17:28:11 2012, Masha, Update, PEM, PEM no longer freaking out (as much).  
Message ID: 6936     Entry time: Sat Jul 7 17:28:11 2012     In reply to: 6935
Author: Masha 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: PEM no longer freaking out (as much).  


Hi everybody,

Sorry for flooding the ELOG about the PEM channels. Today I

- Changed all of the GUR1 and GUR2 filters to elliptic, and lowered the orders of their low-pass filters.

- Lowered the order of the low-pass filters on the STS channels

- Changed the parameters in seismic.strip, which I saved as MashaTemplate2.


Attached is the most recent status of the channels as seen with StripTools:

I'm not currently sure how to apply my template to seismic.strip shown on the wall (I saved it as seismic.strip on Pianossa and copied the old file to seismic.stripOld). I understand the job is being run on Megatron. I'll play around with this later tomorrow. (In other words, the display currently on the wall, while it does not have the Nan spikes like yesterday and this morning does not currently display the template I made).

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