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Entry  Sat Jun 23 18:44:15 2012, steve, Update, General, power surge has no effect on the lab 
    Reply  Sat Jun 23 19:57:22 2012, yuta, Summary, Computers, c1ioo is down 
       Reply  Mon Jun 25 10:35:59 2012, Jenne, Summary, Computers, c1ioo is down 
          Reply  Mon Jun 25 11:27:13 2012, Jamie, Summary, Computers, c1ioo is down 
    Reply  Mon Jun 25 08:21:40 2012, steve, Update, General, AC power disturbance on Sat powerdisturbed.png
Message ID: 6865     Entry time: Mon Jun 25 10:35:59 2012     In reply to: 6861     Reply to this: 6867
Author: Jenne 
Type: Summary 
Category: Computers 
Subject: c1ioo is down 


I tried to restart c1ioo becuase I can't live without him.

I couldn't ssh or ping c1ioo, so I did hardware reboot.
c1ioo came back, but now ADC/DAC stats are all red.

c1ioo was OK until 3am when I left the control room last night. I don't know what happened, but StripTool from zita tells me that MC lock went off at around 4pm.

 c1ioo was still all red on the CDS status screen, so I tried a couple of things.

mxstreamrestart (which aliases on the front ends to sudo /etc/init.d/mx_stream restart) didn't help

sudo shutdown -r now didn't change anything either....c1ioo came back with red everywhere and 0x2bad on the IOP

eventually doing as Jamie did for c1sus in elog 6742, rtcds stop all, then rtcds start all fixed everything.  Interestingly, when I tried rtcds start iop, I got the error
Cannot start/stop model 'iop' on host c1ioo, so I just tried rtcds start all, and that worked fine....started with c1x03, then c1ioo, then c1gcv.

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