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Message ID: 6843     Entry time: Thu Jun 21 02:57:16 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Bureaucracy 
Category: General 
Subject: 40m Action Items 


ASS doesn't run on Ubuntu!
Put beatbox back, simultaneous arm ALS
Input matricies, output filters to tune SUS.  check after upgrade.
POX11 whitening is not toggling the analog whitening???
Look into PMC PZT drift - PZT failing? Real MC length change?
Vent planning / organization



     Audio system for the signals!!!! Even a crappy one!


     Input matricies, output filters to tune SUS.  Check after upgrade.


     Fix occasional common-mode power transient in the arm transmissions. Probably an alignment thing. Would ISS help?

     Drift of the green incident axis -> Assess the amount of the drift / replace the mount

     Calibration of POP22 / AS110

     PMC/IMC/ARM characterization (loss, finesse, reflectivity, etc)

     Arm cavity sweeps, mode scan

     Align AS OSA (others?)

     Investigate PRMI glitches, instability

     PZT or Picomotor mounts for PSL/ALS beams

     ALS on the both arm simultaneously / common / diff ALS scripts

     Measure green locking (Aux laser to arm) transfer functions, residual spectra

     Measure oplev spectra while locking Xgreen - see if the optics are particularly noisy

     Measure Xarm residual motion using POX while ALS is engaged.

     Fix Vio2 filter modules on SUS 

     Switch power supply for amplifiers of beatnote signal to rack power

     Add temp sensors for end lasers to CDS slow channels

     Put windows / pickoffs on PSL table for (a) green trans camera, (b) GTRY, (c) GTRX


     Capture OSA signals in CDS (the 'scope TDS1001B has a USB port in the back for connecting to the computer)

     Transmon (arms) for high and low power

     POX11 whitening is not toggling the analog whitening???

     Install guardians to monitor EPICS values


     Actuator noise level characterization (coil driver response in V/m & coil driver noise level V/rtHz)

     Improvement of POP22/110/AS110 RF circuits?


     Complete 40m overview screen - everything should be clickable with pseudo 3D icons

     Script to generate a MEDM tree

     Resurrect MEDM snapshots

     New ! buttons on every screen, include wiki page

     Add all screens to svn


     Daily diagnosis of the MC spot positions (there must be something already...)

     Daily/occasional adjustment of the incident axis on the MC

     Panic button on Watchdog screen isn't working on Ubuntu

     OPLEV/OSEM trending script before the IFO work for diagnosis. Put into 40m summary screen.

     Auto-locker for arms

     Auto-locker for PSL things

     Diagnostic script for CDS - mx_stream, other stuff.

     Make sure scripts are all svn-ed


     If each video screen has a caption, that would be great

     GUI interface of "videoswitch"

Ubuntu vs. CentOS

     Upgrade Ottavia to Ubuntu, make sure connect to DTT, Dataviewer, AWG.


     IPPOS beam measurement

     AS beam measurement (if beam is bright enough)

     Mode matching calculations, sensitivity to MC waist measurement errors, PRM position

     Think up diagnostic measurement to determine mode matching to PRC while chambers are open, while we tweak MMT

     Use sensoray to capture, measure beam mode at AS, POP

Stray Light

     Scattered light measurement at the end stations: design / confirmation of the mechanical parts/optics/cameras

     Align AUX laser into dark port

     Assemble in-vac beam dumps - how many do we need?


     OAF comparison plot, both online and offline, comparing static, adaptive and static+adaptive

     Static-only OAF noise budget (Adaptive noise budget as next step)

     Script for daily / weekly re-calculation of Wiener, post to elog if need changing

Tip Tilts

     Prepare electronics for TTs (coil drivers)

      In-air TT testing to confirm we can control / move TTs before we vent

     Connect TTs to digital system and controls, lay cables if needed

     Determine whether we need to add a new flange to OMC chamber

RF Photodiodes

     Opto Energy diode laser - purchase

     Set everything up

     Demod board for AS110 - so we can also have POP110?

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